Question What is the best nature for Zeraora and Ho-Oh?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Darthy09, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Darthy09 Aspiring Trainer


    Zeraora relies on speed right? What is the best speed nature that it could have? Jolly or Hasty or something else?

    What about Ho-Oh? I got these 2 Pokémon with Mystery Gift using codes I got from EB Games. I want them to have the best suited natures that would help for competitive battling. Thanks.
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  2. avensis Aspiring Trainer


    Hi, I also received Ho-Oh and I want them to have the best nature, thank you
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  3. Lars Aspiring Trainer


    i don't know about the zeraora.

    but ho-oh is pretty versatile.
    you can have a hasty nature with it and make it a bit of a mixed attacker ( with thunder being it's special attacks, and sacret fire, punishment and earthquake for it's physical moves.

    or you could do a jolly nature and make it and all out physical attacker.

    i've heard people say they run a special attacking ho-oh set ( timid natured ) but i like the extra bit of power that a physical set has.

    you could also opt to using a adamant nature one over a jolly, you'll have some extra attack power, but lose the extra speed.
    ( sae could be set about the naughty nature ( +atk, -def ) )

    ho-oh's item will most likely be the choice scarf to boost it's speed since that's a little on the slow side.
    but you could also give it life orb, or choice band for extra damage.
    assault vest for extra sp. def.

    but that's pretty much it about ho-oh.
    ( well, that i know of.. )
  4. avensis Aspiring Trainer


    Ok thank's for the informations ;)
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  5. slide9595 Aspiring Trainer


    Check out Serebii's section on natures. It may be 3rd generation based but it'll tell you the natures boosts and lowers. Im an amateur when it comes to natures but heres my suggestions

    Speed focus
    Jolly +Spd -SpAtk For Physical Attack build
    Timid +Spd -Atk For Special Attack build

    or Sacrifice its Speed to boost power
    Brave +Atk -Spd
    Quiet +SpAtk -Spd

    Ho-oh has better Atk than SpAtk
    Adamant +Atk -SpAtk
    Jolly +Spd -SpAtk
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