What Hobbies Do You Have Besides Pokémon?

Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by hunter994x, May 27, 2015.

  1. Serperior 464/500

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    I play Melee and Project M semi-competitively. More Melee than PM, though. I play tennis and lift weights too.

  2. Raizen Aspiring Trainer


    There are other games that I like, such as the Metroid game series.

    Also, I was an electronics hobbyist for a while, but I decided to go to school for it and become a professional. I'm on summer break right now.
  3. Uralya *ponders everything*


    This is my favorite pastime recently as well. I used to have no clue where I stood on many things outside of my academics and hobbies, but, upon opening up through a series of difficult scenarios, I came to realize my penchant for discourse. I pride myself on an unorthodox, open worldview and carry a certain fearlessness with me about discussing it. Almost everything I am goes against the grain, and I love the ability to allow this to interact with different people. It opens up so many possibilities.

    With that said, introspection and philosophy are the root interests I have that lead me to such heavy discussion. I'm a constant soul searcher and continually look inside myself and around me to grasp the finer aspects of existence. In turn, discourse helps me refine these interests and allow them to interact with what I believe is the true test of their worth - reality. Fantasy isn't as much of a thing to me as one may think.

    Writing is a long-held interest of mine that found substance once I went through my philosophical conversions, and it continues to be a great outlet (wink). Before, I wrote just to write because of sheer fun, but the way it can convey my sentiments through either personal experiences or narratives is something I value highly. This is an avenue I can definitely see myself traveling in the future.

    Psychology, specifically abnormal psychology, was an early newfound interest of mine during the years of opening up, for reasons I don't quite know now. My sense of humor and fascination with dark and dodgy topics led me to some shows like Criminal Minds and Dexter, and I found a lot of interest in the mechanisms behind the myriad personalities that walk this earth. I am self-taught, but over two years of exposure to both scientific findings and personal accounts from disordered individuals have taught me quite a bit and cemented it as an interest. This is also a cause of my philosophical bent because so many different worldviews were exposed to me.

    Rap is a long-time interest as well, oddly enough - both listening and writing (and recording). I love intricate rhyme schemes and messages in lyrics, and there's something about the style known as chopper (fast-paced) rap that helps me appreciate the music. I write with all of these in mind, and overall it functions just like writing fiction and whatnot - it's expression, just in few words and to a beat (if done right). I don't know what I want to do with this in the future.

    Due to natural talent and a high drive for achievement, I place a lot in my running career. This is a nice channel for my innate competitiveness, and it helps me connect with other athletes and become part of a team (school right now and likely a running team in the future). I'm good at it, and it satisfies my appetite while connecting me with others, so why not?

    Yu-Gi-Oh is the one card game I play as of now due to strategic interactions and complexity. It is a true mental challenge with the archetypes I play, and I enjoy that factor. To be honest, Pokemon just became too ridiculous and linear for me once EXs made a reappearance. The video games still have a good amount of strategy that makes me play them at times, but even it has issues with powercreep just like the card game did after Black & White.

    You can often find me reading any possible type of literature or watching any possible type of video from philosophical blog posts to forums to social media to Youtube documentaries to novels to my own small writings in order to simply expose myself to more of the world. I have no inhibitions concerning the material, so I do mean anything.

    Overall, a lot of my hobbies and interests are integral parts of who I am and directly apply to myself, I suppose. I don't do a lot of things simply because they are fun - I value the deeper ramifications and gauge lots of things on how they impact me.
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  4. King Xerneas Icy Goth
    King Xerneas


    Outside of Pokemon, and video games in general, my main focus is photography, specifically fashion photography. I have such a passion for the high fashion as well as some more conceptual high fashion stuff, it's really where my photography has gone into. I've sort of become a free lance photographer over the years, taking portraits and the like for people, as well as entering in juried shows and competitions. I also attend an art school in which photography is my major.

    I've also gotten into becoming a bit of a makeup artist since my team of makeup artists moved away (I'm still bitter about it), so I've begun to dabble in makeup, so I can do the makeup for my models myself. This has lead me back into doing drag again and letting loose the crazy, fierce, over the top queen that's within me. At the moment I'm spending a lot of time just working a day job, so I can pay for my photography equipment, as well as makeup and a variety of wigs, which can be pretty freaking expensive.
  5. Otaku The wise fool?



    ...hard to say. I enjoy reading and writing but as a means of gaining, giving and testing information. Not sure how much I enjoy doing it "just to do it". I am not in a position to read a lot of manga or animé and even if I were, I tend to be rather picky. I am quite fond of many 80s toy licenses but I'm also not in a position to be collecting any. I am quite fond of the Generic Universal Role-Playing System (GURPS) but I haven't actually played in a group for longer than some of you have been alive. Other things of interest like theology and politics are so important I hesitate to refer to them as "hobbies" and while I used to be an avid gamer like many other pursuits, I no longer have the resources available to pursue.
  6. crann777 I See You


    I collect and play tabletop wargames, mainly Warmachine. I have most of the Protectorate of Menoth assembled and painted, a good collection of Cygnar models, and a smattering of Mercenaries. I also have the full collection of Star Nebula Corsairs for Relic Knights, and a couple of Malifuax starters. I just picked up the Terminator Genisys starter kit because endoskeletons.

    Does parenting count as a hobby? I don't have much time for wargames with the little one, hence why I picked up Pokemon.
  7. ShayminTails Pinkie Pie's Bro


    Other than the Pokemon TCG, My Hobbies are Computers and Skylanders :)
  8. Cypher333 time to run


    Well, recently, I've been looking into a game series called Ace Attorney, which I find to be extremely fun. I also like researching things on the internet and tabletop games.
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  9. Juliet Aspiring Trainer


    Besides Pokemon, I play a lot of other video games, but nothing particularly worth mentioning other than the occasional dabble into Legend of Zelda. I spend a lot of time every week playing Pokemon, and I have a Youtube channel with my best friend for opening pack videos, so we spend time and money on it, which is difficult as a high schooler. Other than any of that, I go to school during the year, and I take theater classes there, so I love that. I like to sing even though I'm not very good, and I really like to write, even though I'm not very good at that either.
  10. CF1994 Aspiring Trainer


    I am also into Western Animated series and drawing characters as well.

    I happen to be in love with one particular animated series that has quite a cult following; Gravity Falls.

    This Disney cartoon works its' way around existing clichés and Tropes, and does something as new and different as possible with them.

    The best part is, it can give character development to a particular character or two you wouldn't expect to grow better over time.
  11. Mr.Muffin Cooler than Everyone who is less Cool than Me!


    I have a variety of interest. I like to keep up with a lot of Indie, Folk, and Alt Rock album releases which I have failed to do, but I am catching up pretty well. I pick up the records I really like on vinyl(Ones I would give a 8-10 too). I like to collect video games, and I have recently became an Achievement Hunter.
  12. Equinox Stallwart Player


    My list is pretty basic, but I'll try;
    Listening to music
    Getting tattoos (not really but <3 )
    Video games (although nothing has made me want to really play my ds or Xbox for awhile, however, I just bought Fallout 3 yesterday, but it's in the mail)
    And poetry
  13. PhantomHaze Aspiring Trainer


    I play football but it is more than a hobby for me, besides that I like to collect Retro games of any generation, no matter what the game! :]
  14. Videoland Aspiring Trainer


    I like travelling, but unfortunately haven't done it for a while because I'm currently trying to save for an apartment. Not sure if I should be embarrassed about this or not, but I like make up and love to watch various make up tutorials on youtube. :p Also pretty into strength training at the moment. I was first to lazy to exercise because I work full time and have around 50-60 minutes to work, but now that I've gotten started it feels very good. Otherwise I love to discuss things like politics, morality and just life in general.

    I play other video games than pokémon sometimes, but I'm not really a gamer tbh. Haven't played pokémon OR any other games for several month, except as a social thing when I'm visiting my gamer friend.
  15. Shining Raikou Your friendly neighborhood Raikou fan!
    Shining Raikou

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    Several things... I like to cook (my job as well), exercise (I run/lift quite a bit), play video games in general, travel when I can, try new and interesting cuisine, I draw, entertain, go to concerts/listen to music, watch anime. :)
  16. Prometheus Aspiring Trainer


    • Learning how to code/program. Not much to say about that except I am doing this because I am interested in pursuing robotics while concurrently studying for my MD. I am also interested in web + software development, but I don't think I will have the time as of now to learn it.
    • Sketching/drawing. Currently learning how to draw the human anatomy.
    • Reading books on biology, particularly neuroscience. I love learning in general.
    • Playing badminton, competitively or recreationally.
    • Collecting manga. I currently have most of the volumes from Bleach and Death Note, though I plan on adding more.
    • Cooking.
  17. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

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    I collect die-cast NASCAR race cars. 1:64 and 1:24 scale diecast. Most of them were from my favorite NASCAR Driver growing up Ricky Rudd. I have close to 50 individual die-cast of his cars (1:64 and 1:24 scales combined). After Rudd retired in 2007, my new favorite active driver; AJ Allmendinger came onto the scene.

    I have just started out my collection of Allmendinger cars; only have 5 of them (3 1:64 scale, 2 1:24 scale; both of the 1:24 scale were signed by AJ himself). I hope to collect more of his cars as well as continue to expand my Rudd diecast collection in the coming years.
  18. Temporal-Shadow Aspiring Trainer


    A list of my favorite hobbies/things to do/interests:
    • READING A LOT (well, haven't really read in a while, but when I have a chance to buy new books, I go all out and start binge reading. If only more people can understand the joy of reading...)
    • watch anime (right now, my favorite is Fairy Tail, Nanatsu No Taizai, Parasyte, Toaru Majutsu No Index, Soul Eater, Magi, and some others)
    • Steven Universe (shout-out to MyLittleKeldeo for introducing me to it, thanks man!) and Gravity Falls are my two favorite Western cartoons as of right now
    • writing has always been a passion of mine, but now I'm really taking it seriously as a possible career (poetry, stories, etc.)
    • stargazing
    • reading manga (same as the above, along with Ao No Exorcist, Soul Eater NOT!, Tokyo Ghoul, D. Gray-Man, etc.)
    • exercising (when I'm in the mood, which should be more often)
    • running (when I get the chance)
    • thinking and questioning all kinds of things
    • playing with my many, many cats and one dog (yes, another cat fanatic)
    • being outdoors
    • studying astrology and mineralogy
    • cooking, and plan on learning how to cook better in the future
    • And last, but certainly not least, POKEMON!
  19. Klonoahedgehog Ace Trainer


    Okay, i enjoy playing Smash bros semi competitively, if i have too i will but i spend most of my time with items on.

    I collect comics and manga in my spare time, i don't have a big collection of manga compared to comics though, those comics are mainly the Megaman and Sonic ones.
    I also like to draw, a lot.
  20. Charlie Roome Aspiring Trainer
    Charlie Roome


    My other hobbies besides Pokemon are Warhammer 40K, Editing and a knowledge of movies and comics.
  21. Brave Vesperia Head of Buy, Sell, & Trade.
    Brave Vesperia

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    Outside of anything Pokemon or PB related, here are some of the other things I enjoy:

    • Gemology, mineralogy or anything to do with gemstones and minerals really. I plan on attending GIA (the Gemological Institute of America) and getting my Graduate Gemologist, Graduate Diamonds and Graduate Colored Stones degrees.
    • Collecting/hoarding precious metals, mainly in the form of coins since I love the art on them. I do have some bars, but the ones I do have are just because they're good for the name/mint. Art bars can get too expensive or carry too much of a premium IMO.
    • My mentor ship program at the jewelry store I work at. I call it work because sometimes it's tough (I do a lot more there than just sales!) and I do get payed, but I learn a lot a lot about gemstones and precious metals there.
    • Video games. I play almost any type of games besides sports games because I don't enjoy them (with the exception of some of the Mario ones) and computer games because my computer isn't good enough to run them right. My favorite genre is JRPGs; I really enjoy the Tales of , Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series.
    • Anime and manga. I really like comedy and action a lot, so stuff like Full Metal Alchemist, Yu-Yu Hakusho, Squid Girl, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are right up my alley.
    • Watching TV. Mainly quality children's programming with lots of feels. :p I've been really obsessed with Steven Universe as of late.
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