Games What have you played while being stuck indoors


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Well now that we are all stuck home what are some of the games or really any indoor activity you found time to do that you otherwise wouldn't have and are you enjoying them?


I've still got schoolwork to do from home, so there is that. I've been doing more card faking recently though, and that's been good. Other than that, I've been replaying BotW over the past week and I finished it last night. The only "hard" part is Thunderblight Ganon (harder than Ganon himself imo) and the rest was a breeze so it went pretty quickly.


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I've been playing the two games on my phone; Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, and The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Although, those two games have been part of my routine for months. I can still go out and play Pokémon GO, if I wanted to as I'm not in complete lockdown right now.

I ordered a copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons, and that should come soon. That'll take up a lot of my free time for the foreseeable future, until I get called back to work.


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We just got a Switch, so it’s: Animal crossing, Nario Kart 8, and Untitled Goose Game.

Other than that, just a bunch of board games in the house and puzzles.

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Even though I'm still working part time, in all my time at home I've been playing Animal Crossing, and I'm thinking of doing another monotype run in Shield (although I have no inspiration for which type to go for). I've also been replaying Ultra Sun and X.

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Fire Emblem 3 houses. I was just looking for a very long game and probably found the best one for the job :]


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Sonic Forces, MLB The Show 20, and Skyrim.
(That's what I'm playing, even though I'm still working full-time)