What do You Think the New Types/Abilities/Moves/Changes will be for Sun & Moon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Blob55, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    What do you think they'll add?

    I would like to see:
    *A Special version of the Intimidate Ability, maybe called Manipulate?

    *A new Type, called Sound Type:
    Weak to:
    Ice - Glass usually helps prevent outside sounds and it's very hard to shatter glass. (Despite the common misconception)
    Flying - Sounds are harder to hear, the higher up and further away you go.

    Strong against:
    Psychic - Mind over matter doesn't matter, when your internal organs are bleeding. Also fits Psychic's weaknesses, such as "things that go bump in the night".
    Ground - Sound can cause Earthquakes.
    Water - Sound can cause ripples in water.

    Sound Moves resist:

    Sound Moves are resisted by:

    *Flamethrower, IceBeam ect... go back up to 95 Base Power.

    *More Pokémon can learn Syncronoise.

    *Freeze-Dry goes up to 85 Base Power.

    *Another Physical Fairy Move.

    *A Poison Type Move called Toxic Shock, that has 60 Base Power on the first hit and 120 Base Power on all subsequent hits. If a Pokémon used a biting move on the defending Pokémon before Toxic Shock was used, it goes right to 120 Base Power. 50% chance of paralysis on second attack.

  2. His Goominess Galvantula stan
    His Goominess


    -I'm a bit sceptical that they'd throw a new type out there just after they already gave us Fairy, but if they did give us something new I'd personally prefer it to be something a bit more unexpected (rather than the fan favourites which are frequently speculated). To be honest, I don't think there's any particular reason that we'd need a new type, since Dark, Steel and Fairy were all introduced to help nerf types that (before the new ones were introduced) were particularly powerful (Psychic for gen2's types, Dragon for Fairy). So unless a type gets overpowered, I don't think they'll introduce a new one.
    I will say though, that I do want them to do something with the type chart to make Ice less terrible defensively.

    -I'd like to see the 'high power, lower accuracy' moves (Thunder, Hurricane, Blizzard etc) go back to being 120bp.

    -A medium powered physical Fairy move (around 60-80bp) that can be learned by both Mawile and Marill/Azumarill (and any physically based Fairies introduced in these games)

    -More dual type moves. After we got Hawlucha with it's dual type move I was really anticipating seeing more (even to the point where I was expecting the starters sig. moves to be dual typed) and hoping there'd be other new ones (even things such as Volcanion's sig. move to be dual typed Fire/Water). I really hope they expand on this since it felt a bit underwhelming just having one, as a sig. move for something.

    -More moves ala Freeze Dry which are super effective against a type they'd usually be NVE against.

    -More -ate abilities (I'd like to see each type get their own one but realistically I'm not sure they'd introduce 15 variations of the same ability all at once)
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  3. Yaywalter Aspiring Trainer


    All these crazy type ideas reminds me of when I was a 10-year-old making my own Pokemon cards. Pretty sure I had a sound type. But then again, I also had a nuclear type.. and I think even a gun type. :rolleyes:

    Frankly, I think sound-type would be too narrow. Only a veeeery small number of currently existing Pokemon (whismur, loudred, jigglypuff, meloetta...?) would make sense to be sound type, and stuff like Loudred is dumb enough... what would a Pokemon designed from the outset to be sound-type look like? A microphone? Keyboard? Some other instrument or audio equipment? No thanks.
  4. TyXo22m Aspiring Trainer


    1) Whismur, Loudred, Exploud, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, Igglybuff, Audino, Chatot, Meloetta, Noibat, Noivern, Politoed, Chimecho, Chingling, Kricketune, Tympole, Litleo, Pyroar, Wailmer, Wailord
    Maybe a few more, +New Gen7 ones.

    2) You might not like it, but lots of other people do.
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  5. Orphalesion Aspiring Trainer


    I'm always for new types, but I couldn't really say of a concept "solid" enough for a whole type.

    Light (imho) was a solid idea, but was made obsolete by the introduction of Fairy types and their sparkly glory. Honestly I think fairy was a stroke of genius and I wish we had gotten it way sooner (like gen 3 or something)

    Consider that the new type would preferably have to boost Ice and Grass types and we are a bit stripped for ideas.

    Sound: I don't really have an opinion on the concept, I probably have seen it on too many fakemon. Sound could actually be weak against Grass (the old tale of plants growing better when exposed to music) but if anything it'd be yet another type that would be strong against Ice (sound vibrations can shatter ice, shouts create avalanches...)

    Light: Obsolete due to the introduction of Fairies. Could be weak against Grass (photsynthesis) but once again strong against Ice (sunlight melting ice/snow)

    Cosmic: Now that sounds way too narrow. Also has nothing to do with Ice or Grass.

    ooooh, idea!

    How about a Cyborg type? Pokemon that aren't just metal, but actually robotic. They could definitely be weak to Ice (electronics don't like extreme cold) Water (douse your computer in water and see what happens!) and (just for balance sake) Grass (nature vs. technology?) and strong against Fairy (their logic destroys whimsy) Electric (they just get recharged, Electric really needs a nerf imho) and maybe Ghost (cybernetics eat your soul)
  6. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    Um, all of these Pokémon could be sound type:
    Jigglypuff - Sound/Fairy
    Wigglytuff - Sound/Fairy
    Voltorb - Electric/Sound
    Electrode - Electric/Sound
    Igglybuff - Sound/Fairy
    Misdreavus - Ghost/Sound
    Taillow - Sound/Flying
    Swellow - Sound/Flying
    Whismur - Sound
    Loudred - Sound
    Exploud - Sound
    Chimecho - Sound/Psychic
    Kricketot - Sound/Bug
    Kricketune - Sound/Bug
    Mismagius - Ghost/Sound
    Chingling - Sound/Psychic
    Chatot - Sound/Flying
    Yanmega - Bug/Sound
    Tympole - Sound/Water
    Palpitoad - Sound/Ground
    Seismitoad - Sound/Ground
    Meloetta Aria - Sound/Psychic
    Meloetta Pirouette - Sound/Fighting
    Fletchling - Sound/Flying
    Pyroar - Sound/Fire
    Noibat - Flying/Sound
    Noivern - Flying/Sound
  7. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    I see Ice being STRONG against Sound, due to the fact that it's very hard for sounds to shatter glass and Ice (like how it's hard for Electricity to electrocute the ground), plus sound causing avalanches is a common misconception. It's like saying how Ice is strong against Fighting, because it hurts to hit.
  8. His Goominess Galvantula stan
    His Goominess


    Can I ask, why Tailow/Swellow? They seem really random to be getting a Sound type - there is barely anything regarding any kind of sounds in their Pokedex entries. The only thing I can see connecting them to sound is being able to learn a few sound based moves (and I don't think that that's really a valid reason to have its type changed)
    Also on your list, a lot of them have had their main type reduced to secondary type in favour of Sound, I doubt that would happen unless (ala Togekiss) it's replacing Normal.
  9. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    Because Taillow is known for crying. I guess it doesn't make much sense, but the following Pokémon I'd definitely have as Sound type:
    Jigglypuff line
    Kricketot line
    Misdreavus line
    Noibat line (IMO, makes more sense than Dragon)
    Chimecho line
  10. Skyleaf2000 Resident UB Enthusiast


    All I'm saying is that we need an Ability that raises a Pokemon's Evasiveness once their HP reaches 20% or lower.
    Maybe it could be called Panic, or Frenzy.
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  11. G-Panthera Panthera's Fiercest Fighter


    For most of you, I agree that Ice needs to have a buff and not just any, but a big one. Suggestions of my side include the following:

    Super Effective on: Water, making Ice the latest type to cover five types to beat. Ice after all, can freeze water. That and I think Freeze Dry was just stupid to begin with. Of course, knowing that, my suggestion is unlikely to happen anyways, but a man can dream can he not?

    For defensive buffs:
    Ice should resist Fairy, Ground, Grass, Flying in addition to itself. It should be good and reasonable enough to sustain it for a while.

    For others, I want to see a good, strong physical-type Fire-type attack that doesn't do recoil. A physical version of Flamethrower or Fire Blast without negative effects. Sacred Fire was good, but its locked onto Entei and Ho-oh respectively. Give other Fire-type mons, ones who can't punch or kick, a fire-type physical attack that works for their species. There's just not enough physical fire-type attacks.
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  12. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    I'd give Ice:
    Freeze-Dry with 80+ BP.
    Resistance against Ice, Ground, Fairy and Bug (Bugs tend to die out in the winter, so get rid of Fairy's resistance to it) type moves.
    50% Special Defense boost in Hail.
    Moves that resist Ice: Ice and Steel type moves.
    Less Water types with Ice Beam.
  13. Yaywalter Aspiring Trainer


    1. Okay, I missed a few obvious ones like Kriketune, Chingling, Noibat, etc... but just because a Pokemon makes sound and/or is named after a sound it makes, that doesn't automatically make it a good sound-type candidate.

    2. Never did I say I didn't like Pokemon designs based off of inanimate objects, merely that there are dumb. Heck, Chandelure is one of my all-time favs. But still, you've gotta admit it's an absurd notion that there are living creatures that look like chandeliers, ice cream cones, keychains, etc. Those kinds of designs should be used sparingly... and I think the design space for Sound-type Pokemon that actually look like plausible living things is just too shallow to allow that.
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  14. Celever Wheeeee~


    My primary concern with a hypothetical Sound-Type is the fact that it would inevitably be extremely shallow. Sound as a concept is already represented adequately without it having an individual type named after it. There are already sound based attacks, all of which essentially consist of "the Pokémon makes a sound", and being a sub-category of other types gives Game Freak more leisure with how they handle the attacks. If Sound-Type is made its own thing, sound-based moves should really not break subs any more, as it would be a huge nerf to set up sweepers who are weak to that typing. GF seems to be at least trying to balance the type chart.

    Speaking of the type chart, all of Sound-Type's possible match-ups are total reaches. For me, Sound-Type would be super effective against Ice- and Steel-Type because in modern culture it's known to shatter them both (with Steel-Type it's glass, but that's still a mineral). Those are the obvious match-ups, and there have already been people arguing against it, saying that both are in fact almost impossible to break with just sound. I would probably make Sound-Type not very effective against Flying-Type Pokémon and super effective against Water- and Rock-Type Pokémon because sound travels much better through liquids and solids than it does through air, in which it oftentimes peters out. However, these are all still major stretches, and there is nothing else you can argue would be NVE for Sound-Type.

    Sound is an interesting concept for Pokémon and GF have now realised this too, but it's not fleshed out enough to have a functional type to itself. Maybe they could give sound-based moves more properties like double damage to Pokémon underground (Dig), 1.5x damage to Pokémon underwater (Dive) and 0.5x damage to Pokémon in the air (Fly and Sky Drop)? I would also be interested in seeing more sound-based moves of already existing typings, since they're mostly Normal-Type attacks right now. But sound-based moves will just have to do in terms of the representation sound gets. Maybe they can get an egg group later on too... who knows, the possibilities are endless!

    As it stands right now, a new type won't be itnroduced in this generation because they are only created as a means of balancing the type chart. The type chart is currently relatively balanced. Sure, Ice-Type could use more defensive buffs etc., but a new type doesn't need to be created for such minor things.
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  15. CF1994 Aspiring Trainer


    I would like to see a solar-based move that is a Fire Type that many Grass Types in particular can learn to stand up to Steel Types much better. It would also be a fitting move for Espeon, Solrock, Alakazam, and numerous Fire Types as well.

    The logic of the move would be to either lower the foe's accuracy or cause a burn on them, both of which are the real life effects of what real life rays of the sun will do to you if you're exposed to them for a prolonged period of time.

    Sun and Moon might be a good time to introduce this move.
  16. Yaywalter Aspiring Trainer


    Here's two ideas:

    1. Sound as an attack-only type. No Sound-type Pokemon.


    2. Sound, not as a type, but as a new category of attack like Physical or Special. Maybe Sound attacks, instead of using the attacking Pokemon's atk or sp. atk stat, it uses the average of those two stats... maybe even speed as a third, since that could correlate to sound frequency. This doesn't just apply to sound either... you could have a whole host of different attack categories that each use Pokemon's stats in different ways than the simple Physical = Atk/Def, Special = Sp. Atk/Sp. Def.
  17. MystikX Aspiring Trainer


    The last two Generations gave us new Abilities alongside buffs and debuffs to existing ones. These either made them extremely useful (Sturdy, Infiltrator, Overcoat) or weakened them to a point where entire teams need more support from them (weather). It's bound to happen again that some Abilities will get buffed/debuffed, but which ones do you want to see, and what changes?

    Personally, I'd like to see the following:

    Light Metal - Halves weight and increases Speed by an equivalent of 1 Stage
    Heavy Metal - Doubles weight and decreases Speed by an equivalent of 1 Stage
    Rock Head - Blocks recoil from your moves and boosts power of headbutting attacks by 20%
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  18. His Goominess Galvantula stan
    His Goominess


    -Mega Launcher boosting more moves than just the 'pulse' moves (maybe include 'blast' moves?)
    -one thing which I'd like to see would be Infiltrator having a chance to break through Protect/Detect/any of those kinds of moves
    -some kind of way to make Vital Spirit/Insomnia/Sweet Veil work with Rest (possibly self-inflicted sleep isn't affected by these abilities?)
  19. WitherSnow I have no pokemon and i must scream.


    Post Ideas for new abilities in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

    Calculator: Doubles the damage of moves with fixed attack numbers
    Momentum: Physical attacks gain 20 BP for every 20 speed of the pokemon.
    Restriction: Moves that don't have STAB have their BP doubled.
    Limit Break: Limits on moves are removed. (ex. Stockpile used more than 3 times.)
    Trick Guard: Trick Room effect on this pokemon.
    Heavy Wind: Sandstorm and Hail don't hit you. They hit the other pokemon.
    Diamond Shield: The defense and Special Defense of Ice types is multiplied by 5

  20. GreenPariah Aspiring Trainer


    These would just be absolutely Broken.
    Calculator would make A Double-Edge do 240 Base, not even calculating STAB.
    Momentum would need to be a fixed percentage of speed becoming the bonus to base damage, and then tier the bonus.
    Diamond Shield would Give Avalugg 920 BASE DEF.... if they gave it to Avalugg. Maybe 2x or at most 3x multiplier would be viable.
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