Discussion What customization are you looking forward to?


Bug Pokemon Lover
*Version exclusive clothing and dye shops*. What the actual hell Gamefreak. Different Clothes on different days was annoying, but at least you're guaranteed to get all of them if you're patient enough. But this is just ridiculously stupid. Although it's possible to get these clothes/dye from other versions, it's extremely tedious (somewhat easier with dye's, but you need a lot of berries for darker colors). there's a nice selection of shirts, tanks and tops, but that's it. not a single top (male btw, haven't seen female) goes over your elbow and the pants that do surpass your knees just barely does it. I get that it's a tropical island, but i myself live on one and plenty of people wear long sleeves even sometimes in the day. i'm honestly a little disappointed with the customization. i do like it, but no long sleeves (not even short sleeved hoodie's) or longer jeans and suck since that's most often what i wear. seriously though never bring back version exclusive clothing. it's f***ing stupid.