What are you scared of?


I fear many things so here are some:

1) Rodents

2) Bugs

3) Spiders

4) Heights

5) Baseball

6) Basketball

and more . . .

Mainly cause Ive had bad expeeriences with them. I consistenly get hit by balls daily. Heights were just something I develope when I was growing up. Bugs and insects just make me BARF when i would see all those Gross Blood they leave behind. UGH!


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I'm scarred of what the next day holds. We live in such a dangerous world that anything can happen at any moment.


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Getting rejected. Thats why if you ask any of my school friends if id ask anyone out theyd say Id probably chicken out.


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Agliophobia- Fear of pain.
Aeronausiphobia- Fear of vomiting secondary to airsickness.
Aichmophobia- Fear of needles or pointed objects.
Achluophobia- Fear of darkness.
Athazagoraphobia- Fear of being forgotton or ignored or forgetting.
Atomosophobia- Fear of atomic explosions.
Yeah I have alot:/


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Death of a close person
Breaking a bone in my body
Getting stung by a bee/wasp and finding out im allergic
Snake's bitting me
My house burning down
Looking at my phone and seeing 5 missed calls from my mom (Curse you league, your so distracting)
Flunking out of Honor Roll

All irational but im honestly afraid of any of these happeneing


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Please don't revive dead threads. I'll leave this open for more discussion, if any.


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Well I have a lot of fears:

-Natural disasters
-Failing school
-Being kidnapped
-(I'm clostrophobic)
-Having someone rob my family
-Getting hit by a car

And more....

Strangely enough I'm not scared of spiders or ghosts. I think spiders are cool! And I've seen a ghost before, not scary.

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I have a fear of
Bees, Wasps and Hornets
Breaking bones or dislocating things
My teeth falling out ( Seriously. I'm not allowed to go to the dentist so I desperately try to brush a lot in fear they'll fall out on me )
The possibility I might get disease or some kind of ugly cancer or something else similar.
Being kicked out of a place for age reasons ( I'm 20 but I apparently look younger so I always fear I'll be kicked out of places with a specific age rule. )
The current global diasters making their way to my area.

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I have fears.

-Starfish and friends
-Glitches (Don't even ask.)
-Huge, open water.
-Mowing the lawn ( Hockey pucks are frequently ran over.)

But not serial killers.


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The dark has always been a big fear of mine. (Yeah, "Haha, scared of the dark, you!" I have gotten a few of those)
But be honest, who of you reading this hasn't been absolutely terrified of something you can't see at some point in your life. The initial fear is that I can't see anything in it, not that the dark scares me, it's whatever is in it based on my imagination. It goes beyond any phobias and personal stuff and more into the fact that my imagination thinks things up. Often things I am scared of. But yeah, I am terrified of the dark.

- More Dark (Is there a way out?)
- Spiders. (I am a girl like that)
- Heights. (I am a girl like that)
- Being trapped. (Not neccesarily clostraphobia, but the fear of "I don't not knowing anything in a serious situation")
- Pain. (I am a girl like that, avoiding pain wherever I can.)
- Others Death (I'm not that scared of myself dying, just about others.)
- Mirrors (And tell me, have you ever been so terrified when looking in a mirror?)


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"I have nothing to fear but the fear of fear itself and spiders." -Franklin Delanore Oosevelt

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It's not that I'm afraid of the dark, but more of me being afraid of what I imagine is there. I swear, if I'm hungry at night and everyone is asleep/not there, I will literally sprint to the kitchen to turn the light on as fast as I can and speed walk back to my room.

Also, I hate thinking about what I'm thinking or trying to control what I think because somehow, it ALWAYS leads to me thinking of the extra normal things, like aliens, ghosts, and *shudders* slender man. Then I become paranoid for the rest of the day. It leads to my first fear.

I'm not really afraid of pain or anything because I usually think "There are people out there who have felt pain 10x worse than what this will feel like." However I AM afraid of other's pain (emotionally and physically) and their death. And lastly, (not really a fear but keeps me up at night) the question of "Why am I truly here? Do I have a purpose? What lies ahead when I'm dead?"