what are the top 5 decks to watchout for in cities


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1) Gallade+Gardevoir

2) Monarchy

3) DAX-Lock (depending on your area)

4) Blastdaunt

5) Rouge Decks

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I'd agree with above, but Empoleon and Lucario varients will be big too. Flygon ex d and Kingdra ex will most likely see some play, and are worth noting. Finally, Megagatr and Gatr MT/Hurricane will be played, but this is abit more area dependent.

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Wow, these are terrible lists(Except yours TYFreak)

1) Blissey
2) Mario to Counter Blissy
3) Gallade
4) Gatr

Thank you and come again.


1) Blissey (It won most BR’s. Won’t stop until there is a clear counter that can hit other Pokemon too)
2) Mario (It just won’t stop)
3) Gallade (+ Gardevoir) (People love Gallade it’s like the rogue Lucario bate. Look for noobs to mostly be playing this with the odd good player using it)
4) Empoleon (Speed=This format. Empoleon=The fastest stage 2 right now)
5) Banette SW (It’s fast. It severely damages your opponent (Ghost Head then Shuffle back) definitely has potential in this format)

Honorable Mentions:
Donphan+Mime/Pluff. Do 40 prevent damage if they have less than 2 or cause a flip to see if they attack. Or if they have a tool a good 130 should deal with them.
Lickilicky. This will be really the underdog of cities. It’s capabilities as a sniper are amazing.
Electivire SW (+Electrode): I don’t know how many times I have tested this but…IT’S FAST. The only problem is the attach discard and then you loose two energies. Try a place holder energy like (F) for example.
Ampharos. Needs energy place holder. Sort of like Vire. Spreading capabilities are good though.
Megatr: Ugh. This deck isn’t in the top 5 but be careful. It will eat you up the first time you play it. The second time though, you’ll be fine. It’s a one shot deck that is very powerful.


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^Gallade will certainly not be mostly played by n00bs, it is amazing with so much versitility. Gallade+gardevoir is going to sweep cities just like blissey sweeped BRs, mark my words.


What I mean my noobs is people who think oh my gosh this card is going to be popular. I am going to be the first to make a deck with him YEAH! (Or I can reduce to 50? then switch them? YEAHS!!) Just like Lucario was taken at my BR’s. Word got around that it can donk (Riolu) and ¾ of Juniors, 1/6 of Seniors and 5/8 of Masters we’re playing and those lines happened to be 2-1, 4-1 etc. Just saying that it’s going to be popular so most players, experienced or not, will pick it up.


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Well that sounds better, the way you said it made it seem like it was bad. But unfortunately you're probably right and gallade/gardy needs skilled players to play it and not the "OMG GALLADE PWNS" people playing it.


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Decks to look out for:
1. Gallade (SW) variants - there has been a lot of hype surrounding this card, and for good reasons. I'm expecting it to win many Cities.
2. Blissey (MT) variants - this will be beaten by Gallade, but it will still be big due to it's performance at BRs.
3. Empoleon (DP) variants - This has always been a solid choice, so why should it be any different at Cities? Well, apart from Ampharos, nothing.
4. Mario - yet another solid choice of a deck, I'm expecting it to struggle more than it has in the past due to the new Gardevoir.
5. T2Banette - I have heard a lot of people are testing this deck, and this is another hyped card. It should see a lot of play and win a few Cities as well.

There are plenty of others that will see play, but I don't think they won't do as well as those 5. This includes the like of Ampharos (SW) variants, Kingdra Swarm, MegaGatr, Hurricane, Blastoise (SW) variants, and Hand Control decks.


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Here is a Great List of what will be played...

1) Gallade Variants
2) Blissey Variants
3) Swarms (Kingdra ex d, Feraligatr d, etc.)
4) T2_ (Bannete SW, Kricketune, etc.)
5) Speed Cards (Lucario, etc.)

This is probably the most accurate list you will find in most places (depending on your Metagame) so there it is. BTW, Infernacatty 9to me) is D-E-A-D:(!!!
P.S. Gallade DOES take skill to play (so BEWARE) because Team Lesage will school all of you non-believers at Cities with our SECRET DECK.

Believe the hype

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1. Blissey (As much as I hate the hype, I can't deny it is powerful.)
2. Kingdra Swarm (I don't care what people think of it. It antis Blissey and it is a strongly effective deck against other meta's, including Emp and Infernacatty.)
3. Empoleon Variants. Still notable due to its popularity.
4. Lucario Variants. See Number 3.
5. Queen Variants. When the King came out, it jumped up in popularity, plus it techs with Crawdaunt EX and Dusky. And Grumpig.

Don't forget the rogue decks out there too. Meganium DP2 is still pretty threatening, Magmortar is out there. This will be an amusing season for cities. Infernacatty is also dead to me. Only one person in the area plays it and plays it well.

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In no particular order:

Gallade/Gardevoir (it's okay I guess, it'll be played in high quantities)
Blissey (BDIF so far, and if played right can handle Gallade)
Kricketune or something (whatever)
Rogue stuff (It always comes around - this is when the top decks of the season will begin showing their faces)

Arcanine out.