Discussion What are the most original effects of SWSH?


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Each era of Pokémon has its highs and lows. The current generation of Pokémon has some of the best artwork the TCG has seen in a decade, and has done a better job than any other at making top-tier cards more easily available, thanks to the Trainers Toolkit, modern Battle Arena decks, and a more competitively aware choice of tin and box promos, but perhaps the biggest problem with the current era (excluding COVID and scalpers) is the... dryness... of effects on cards. Which leads me to ask the question... which cards (Pokémon, trainer, or Energy, top tier or very much NOT-top tier) from this era have the most interesting, unusual, unique and/or original effects? For the sake of discussion, let’s also include 2019 as well as Sword and Shield onward.