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RE: Best nicknames for each pokemon?

Pineapple X said:
Oh, I seem to say this pretty often - but I frickin' love you for making this thread.

Hmm. Your team seems cool. I can't come up with any more names than Sensei the Sawk, though. I have a Sawk named Sensei. :3

My fave nicknames for my own Pokémon are:
  • Bad Wolf the Arcanine (only Whovians understand)
  • Tardis the Pidgeot (Whovians rule this thread. ;P)
  • Mexican the Ludicolo <3
  • Kraftwerk the Rotom
  • J-Dittz the Ditto :)3)

I'm so clever, am I not? And, y'all, name your Noiverns Skrillex.

Whovians Forever!

Usually the names are what ever I feel would fit the Pokemon. However, sometimes I do theme named teams: ironic nicknames; sickly cute names, Pink Fluffy Bunny for example; Time, And, Relative, Dimension, In, and Space; other names from shows/movies like Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, ect.

Edit: Oh and Latin names!


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RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

Might as well give you my team's weird names:

~Ninetales: Spitfyre (poniesssss)
~Leafeon: Cheesecake (the name of my Leafy plush. Not sure if I'm gonna give the reason for this one :U)
~Arcanine: Woofles (bark bark)
~Chandelure: LAMP (dang Passion you're too creative)
~Zoroark: Arianna (Zoros seem pretty elegant and that's an equally as elegant name I guess maybe)
~Latias: Tia (again, creativity points)

And nyeh, I'll add my White 2 team:

~Serperior: King (the Regal Pokemon, right? Speaks for itself)
~Flygon: Talsie (I stole half of a friend's name for this one. Seemed cute, I guess)
~Floatzel: HissyFit (My strongest member of this team. Floatzels just strike me as hissssss)
~Lucario: Rukage [roo-KAJ-ay] (I kinda just pulled this one out of nowhere and it sounded good)
~Arcanine(YES AGAIN): Blitzen (Flare Blitz? Fire? I dunno)
~Skitty(ditched this one in training): Rayneh [ray-NUHH] (again, out of nowhere. Dat spelling...)

I forgot the last one so I just threw a fit trying to find my game. Now I remember why I can't put games in boxes they don't belong in ._.
~Altaria: Atari(replaced Rayneh. Old games, man, old games...)

Also for X and Y I'm planning to have a Fennekin named Karma. Looks like it'd make a good "Karma" for some reason.

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RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

Godofpower the Arceus. My friend traded for an Arceus by this name on GTS, and he pronounced it "Go-doff-power" for about 2 weeks.
It was great.


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RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

Usually I name Pokemon as corrupted spellings of characters from other franchises. There a few exceptions, though;

-I always call my team flier PKMAirline, or some variation that fits (so the latest one will be PKMNAirMk5 since I started with gen 2).
-I have a Seadra from way back in Silver (who got moved to Yellow before my copy of Silver disappeared, thus making him my oldest ever Pokemon I still have) called PKMBoatier because he was my team surfer. That naming convention didn't stick because there wasn't really a need for a team surfer after that gen.
-My EV trained Chandelure and Porygon2 are called Glimmer and Dreamer respectively. I like to think that it gives them a sort of ethereal aura.
-I called my Hydreigon Dopey. No idea why.
-My Salamence is called Bagon. I like to make up my own narrative for my adventures, and in Emerald, the Bagon I caught ended up with the backstory of being so traumatised as a child that she stayed in a perpetual child mindset even when fully evolved, so everyone treats her as if she were still a Bagon.

That's what comes to mind straight away. I'll probably have a few more gems* later.

*Term used loosely.


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RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

This topic caught my attention right away. Hoping for some more interesting nicknames for Pokemon. Gotten so many good ones, I may use in my future teams. Thanks!

As for me, I always nickname every Pokemon that will be in my teams. To me, makes them unique and different from just their typical names. I tend to give them nicknames based on their gender [male Pokemon I'll give them a male-nickname] and their real-life animal counterparts [feline Pokemon I give them cat style names, mustelid Pokemon I'll give them something related to otters-weasels-ferrets or even meerkats]. I also try to avoid using typical nicknames that I hate (like Tiger, Sam, Chloe, Milo, Kitty) and find unique or strange names.

If I where to give some examples of nicknames I use it would be:
One name I use a lot is Maria, a typical Spanish name. I normally hate typical names, but this is probably my only exception as both my mom and grandma have this first name. Some other Pokemon I will nickname after my family member's names

In my White 2 All Watchog team, I have 3 males and 3 females. I named them all after my favorite meerkat names in the tv show "Meerkat Manor", males I gave them: Mozart, Zaphod, & Zorro - and for the females: Flowers, Sophie, and Tosca. At times I refer to my favorite TV shows and give Pokemon nicknames based on characters I like.

Some other nicknames I used along the way:
• Feline Pokemon: similar names I used for male was Ch'marr (can't remember where I read the name from), and for the females I used Xandra (I got the name from an online comic I used to read many years ago about a cheetah named Xandra)
• In Pearl, I remember I called my Pachirisu - Chispas, Spanish for sparks, it also sounded similar to it's voice in the anime "chipa! chipa!"
• In my Pearl game, I gave my Shinx/Luxio/Luxray the nickname Simba, at the time I was looking up names in Swahili and remembered that "simba" is "lion" in Swahili so used it. At times I do give my Pokemon nicknames on words from other languages on the animal they are based on.
• In my Pearl I nicknamed my Grottle "Bayisenge" after one of my favorite Rwandan football players, after the 3rd gym Ieft Grottle in the PC and Meowth joined my team permanently


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RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

The ones that i remember (from playing multiple games) are:

Shiftry- Mal (bad in latin)
Greninja- Naruto (anime reference)
Jynx- Miley Cyrus (I don't mean racist for this one.)
Skarmory- Iron Man

That's all I remember.


RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

Delphox - Redelwald. Reference to Harry Potter's dark wizard Grindelwald.
Magneton - Magnerizer.

I always reference Yu Gi Oh's egiptian god cards in my Hoenn staters:

Sceptile - Sleafer (from Slifer)
Blaziken - Ha
Swampert - Muddlisk (from Obelisk)

Spartan Sceptile

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RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

epicozzy said:
The ones that i remember (from playing multiple games) are:

Shiftry- Mal (bad in latin)
Greninja- Naruto (anime reference)
Jynx- Miley Cyrus (I don't mean racist for this one.)
Skarmory- Iron Man

That's all I remember.

That's funny, I also named my greninja Naruto.
Jynx should be corrected to Nicki Minaj, she looks like her twin.

Tyranitar: Godzilla
Pyroar Male: Scar
Shiny Clauncher: Zoidberg
Hitmonchan: Jackie Chan
Hitmonlee: Bruce Lee
Gyarados: Betty (Cookies for you if you get the reference)
Aegislash: Leviathan
Azelf: Stardust
Tyrogue: Karate Kid
Gengar: Cheshire
Hitmontop: Jet Lee

There are some of my good ones. I like the tyrogue line the most because they are named after famous fighters.

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RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

Since my first play through of Red, my Squirtle is always named Bubbles. No exception. (One exception, actually) Its a perfect name for a Squirtle, but it sort of lacks in style for a Blastoise.

My Pidgeots are always Pud. (No idea.)

My Golurks are always Alphonse.

And my Blaziken is always Jackie.

In my current playthrough of X, however, my party is named after the Ninja Turtles.


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RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

For generation VI, I only have two very fitting names and they belong to the starters.

Flamel: The perfect name for the Fennekin line. Flamel is a reference to Nicholas Flamel, an alchemist. Alchemy, the basis of chemistry, is sorcery. Fennekin's evolutions are based off of magic users (witches or wizards/sorcerers) and they are primarily fire-types. Flamel not only references a famous magic user but is also a nice fire pun.

The perfect name for the Chespin line. Chespin is based off of a knight or a paladin when he evolves. Especially as his final evolution, the term "knight" fits him well. "Quill" references the fact that Chespin's line is based off of a spiky chestnut combined with a hedgehog. Finally, there is a flu-relief medication called Nyquil that is known to knock you out after you take it. This silly pun is not only fun to say but refers to how powerful Chespin's final evo is-- he'll knock you out!

I don't have a clever name for Froakie's line. He was my least favorite starter for this gen, so I'm not sure if I will ever come with anything as fun or clever for him.


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RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

Sometimes, when I can't think of any names, I just change the original name of the Pokemon.

For example: Ferfrou (female) = Ferfra
Charizard = Charry (My twin sister called her's Chary!)
I never nickname my Legendary Pokemon, because I like to keep their original names to make them sound rare.

Here are some names I like to call my Pokemon:

Rattata: Joey (because of the youngster who always talks about his Rattata).
Litleo and Male Pyroar: Simba (I love the Lion King)
Braviary: Blu (From Rio)
Mandibuzz: Jewel (From Rio as well)
Serperior: Serpent (This name will always remind me of my Black and White adventures)
Cofagrigus: Coffee (Apparently I named one of my Cofagrigis Coffee, and the name just made me laugh, so I decided to keep it.)

EDIT: I remember that I called my Girafarig Giratina, and when I battled my sister and sent it out, she was shocked until she realized that it was a Girafarig!


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RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

Hi I got a few good ones:

Keldeo: My little pwny :p
Ditto: Derp
Arceus or any other huge legendary: Fluffy
Magikarp: YOURDOOM!!

Pineapple X

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RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

For Dialga, Rassilon is pretty nice. I mean, it fits the theme of time with Rassilon being a time lord from Doctor Who.

Also, I think I'm slowly returning to the Beach. :3


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RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

Pineapple X said:
For Dialga, Rassilon is pretty nice. I mean, it fits the theme of time with Rassilon being a time lord from Doctor Who.

Also, I think I'm slowly returning to the Beach. :3

Ooh, that's a good one. I once named a Dialga Tempus, I thought that sounded pretty cool at the time. I also thought that naming a Palkia LxWxH also sounded cool though. Yeah...


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RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

I always spend quite some time figuring out appropriate nicknames for my bred/trained pokemon. Mostly ends up mythology inspired.

Throughout the generations, I've used many nicknames over and over, like always naming my Luxrays Anubis etc.

Lemuria - Milotic*
-ancient water-element island-city hidden in the ocean in Golden Sun TLA, where people live almost forever
-its a beautiful name, and as most Lemurians have blue hair, quite fitting for my shiny Milotic <3
Tisiphone - Gardevoir*
-the one of the three Erinyes from greek mythology which punished crimes of murder
-scray name for my scary OP Mega Pixilate-boosted Fairy Hyperbeam queen in dark dress.
Eclipse - Flygon*
-in many cultures dragons have had an association with solar eclipses
-also a badass wind-element dragon summon in Golden Sun
Anubis - Luxray*
-Egyptian god of the dead with a jackals head
Loki - Typhlosion*
Bakonawa - Swampert*
Cybele - Cradily*
Poseidon - Gyarados*
Orpheus - Meowstic M*
Eurydice - Meowstic F*
Duneyrr - Sawsbuck*
Coatlicue - Lanturn*
Otso - Ursaring*
Memiroa - Sigilyph*
Iapetus - Weezing*
Antares - Flygon*
Triton - Greninja*
Vajra - Rotom*
Levatine - Aegislash*
Ramses - Scolipede*
Ran - Azumarill*
Karst - Mawile*
Set - Lucario*
Tvastar - Camerupt*
Zol - Drifblim*
Iris - Espeon*
Lisa - Umbreon*
-named after friend, because!
Salacia - Kingdra*
-roman goddes of saltwater, Neptunes wife
Sentinel - Weavile*
-just a sharp sounding name
-one of the optional final bosses in GSTLA
Daedalus - Golurk*
-a skillful craftsman from greek myth
-in GS a summon with freakin missiles
Quadraxis - Metagross*
-a giant fourlegged robot-boss in Metroid Prime 2
-just look at it!
Soter - Breloom*
-greek title meaning "saviour" used for greek gods and similar figures
-its shroom jesus! And he'll knock you out after knocking you out 8D
Haures - Drapion*
-one of the 72 demons from the Ars Goetia
-a deadly underground summon from GSTLA that causes a venom ailment
Aegir - Azumarill*
-giant god of the ocean from norse mythology
Hades - Chandelure*
-greek god of the underworld
-fits even better than Houndoom seeing how its a ghost-pokemon with actual flames in its design
Ukko - Manectric
Qilin - Rapidash
Belzebub - Banette
Varan - Garchomp
Alcathoe - Noivern
Juno - Swoobat
-roman goddess of marriage /sold
Chronos - Klinklang
-greek personification of time
-fits basic machinery theme nicely for me
Gaius - Roserade
-common latin praenomen
-a big humanoid colossus with a stone-sword from SotC that's trapped on a huge plateau sticking out from a hidden lake
Deimos - Crobat
-personification of terror in greek mythology
-one of Ares' sons (I plan to nickname a Noivern Phobos sometime)
Mercury - Jellicent
-roman god that traveled between worlds
-picked it mostly due to it being the name for the water-element in Golden sun though.
Valukar - Scrafty
-same as Sentinel, an optional final boss in GSTLA with a badass name.
Ancile - Amoonguss
-name for the twelve shields of ancient rome of which only one came from heaven while the rest were copies made to confuse thieves
-I use this shroom mainly with Rage powder in multi battles so my partner can boost safely
Lachesis - Mandibuzz
-one of the three fates. Measurer of the thread of life.
-first of my female pokes related to death, the other 2 fates will follow
Titan - Torterra
-immortal giants from greek mythology
-torterra is a tortoise with its own ecosystem on its back lol
Cronus - Leafeon
---I went for important greek god-names ending with -s, for my eeveelutions
-leader of the titans, associated with the golden age and harvest
Hermes - Vaporeon
-messenger of gods
-chosen because of the healing "Hermes Water" in Golden sun which can be refilled anytime once Mercury lighthouse is activated
Boreas - Glaceon
-the north wind
-a strong summon in Golden Sun who basically spews a blizzard on your enemies
Dionysus - Sylveon
-god of the grape fest and ritual madness
-because Sylveon=parteeeeey
Helios - Espeon
-personification of the sun
Ares - Flareon
-god of war
Artemis - Jolteon
-only eeveelution that turned out female, goddess of hunting
Ghidorah - Hydreigon*
-one of godzillas main enemies
-its a three headed dragon from outer space that makes a mess, how much closer can it get?
Gojira - Tyranitar*
-because tyranitar is obviously godzilla inspired
Destroyah - Dragonite*
-another of godzillas biggest enemies. Though Dragonite may look quite derpy and friendly, at least the dark olive tone from being a shiny puts it in the right direction xD
Osiris - Ampharos*
-I nicknamed Luxray Anubis, so Ampharos' name needed a similar origin
-egyotian god of afterlife
Ifrit - Talonflame*
-infernal djinns from arabic culture
-a powerful boss monster from a deadly volcano in Ragnarok online
Themis - Haxorus*
-a greek titaness (its female)
-meaning "divine law"
Tret - Trevenant*
Alecto - Trevenant*
-another of the Erinyes, castigating moral crimes
Selene - Musharna*
-greek goddess of the moon
Clotho - Froslass*
-another of the three fates, she spins the thread of human life
Charon - Gallade*
-ferryman of the underworld
-second most powerful summon in GS
-my personal favourite nickname ever
Alastor - Super Gourgeist*
-epithet of Zeus, avenger of evil deeds
Mars - Pyroar*
-roman god of war
-name for the fire element in golden sun
-also the Pyroar is male (12.5% chance)
Despoina - Ferrothorn*
-greek goddess of mysteries (might change this one)
Hanuman - Ambipom*
-hindu monkey god
-thought a hindu one was the way to go here due to them often having multiple arms in their depictions
Umbra - Tentacruel
-shades of the dead
Neptune - Blastoise*
-self explanatory roman water-god
Malboro - Venusaur*
-a monster from final fantasy games
Pluto - Gengar*
-another name for the god of the underworld
Sisyphus - Electrode*
-king from greek myth who was punished with the task of rolling a boulder up a hill forever.
Moloch - Mamoswine*
-an ancient ammonite god
-a snow-based summon in GSTLA
Ragnarok - Aegislash*
-apocalyptic event in norse mythology in which many gods die
-a skill from goldensun that has a giant sword flying into the enemies from the sky
Perses - Scizor*
-one of the three sons of Crius, god of destruction
Pallas - Heracross*
-another son of Crius, god of warcraft
Roc - Braviary*
-a huge bird relevant to the plot in Golden Sun DD. His feathers are used to make a piece of flying equipment
Menardi - Salamence*
-a Proxian from Golden sun who is one of the final boss duo and transforms into a huge dragon with her partner
Saturn - Heliolisk
-roman god of the golden age
Ramses - Scolipede
-popular name for pharaohs in ancient egypt
-scolipedes face has something egyptian in my eyes
Flora - Florges
-roman goddess of flowers and spring /unexpected

yet to name:

Thats what I got on my Y so far ;o

I'm far from finished though, plan on breeding and training plenty more.

Quite proud of my current army though xD

EDIT:work in progress


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RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

Hmm, these are all some good nicknames! My naming process is somewhat different though.

Chamz (Snorlax): No special meaning, just saw that name on an MMO and loved it.
Pastel (Sylveon): It's pink. It's cute. It's feminine. Therefor, it must be Pastel! ^ - ^
Pico (Delcatty): A character from Rune Factory 4. No special meaning, just cute.
Kiel (Charizard): Another character from Rune Factory 4.
Lulu (Gothitelle): Gothitelle is seemingly like a Mage. Lulu from Final Fantasy X was a Mage.

Ambrosia (Roserade): Ambrosia was the first boss monster in Rune Factory 4, a butterfly monster. It was in Yokmir Forest, which had many types of plants and vegetation. Roserade is a Grass Type.

Luna (Cleffa/Clefairy): It's a Pokemon that came from the Moon. The moon is Lunar, Luna is a name derived from Lunar. It's also a character in Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility and Animal Parade.

Lumie (Lanturn): A character from Rune Factory 4. Use your mind on this one. Lanturn "illuminates" the sea, and all the character call Illuminata "Lumie" for short. Word Play, for the win.

Odette (Lapras): A character from Rune Factory Tides of Destiny. No special meaning.

Taro (Gengar): Taro is a character from Magic Pengel, whose name also sounds like "Tarot," which is a popular series of cards used to tell the future.

Most of them I wasn't thinking of any special meaning though. I just named them those named 'cos they're nice.


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RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

I'd like to think that all of my nicknames are pretty clever. Examples include:

Alice the Aurorus. Refers to Aurora Borealis and has the word ice in it.

Deckard the Ampharos. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Hawk Hogan the Hawlucha

Titania the Jellicent. Titania was the queen of fairies in A Middsummer Nights Dream, which I feel fits a Ghost type queen, plus the name sounds pretty similar to the Titanic which is even more fitting.

Reptar the Feraligatr

Clamps the Scizor. A robot with clamps for hands on Futurama. If only he were red...

Starscream the Skarmory

Latifah the Nidoqueen

Jones the Blaziken. There's some dude who's trying to be a real life superhero by fighting crime under the name Phoenix Jones. Phoenix part should be obvious, plus he fights crime. I think he's a MMA fighter for his day job, too.


RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

Flambe is what I always name my Cyndaquil in Crystal/HeartGold.
For some reason I always name my Maukuhita in Ruby seems to fit for some reason.

Speaking of which, what's really fun is to name all your Pokemon after actors or politicians because...for some reason, it's just

And there's always


RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

Some favorites of mine would include:

Sharknado the Garchomp- It's a shark on land... Really, I have no real good explanation for it. It just made me laugh cause god, that movie
Gamera the Blastoise- Gamera was the name of a giant, turtle like monster in the old Godzilla movies
Mikasa/Captain Levi the Skarmory- Both characters from the anime Shingeki No Kyojin [Attack On Titan]; I always thought the wings of a Skarmory looked like the blades of their swords
Audrey II the Ferrothorn- The name of the mutant plant from Little Shop of Horrors
Equius the Rapidash- A character from the webcomic Homestuck; the character really likes horses
Bayonetta the Umbreon- The main character for the video game Bayonetta; was called an Umbra Witch and had a lot to do with the moon
And lastly, Kyuubey the Meowstic- Named after the rabbit-cat thing from Madoka Magica


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RE: What are the Best Nicknames for Each Pokemon?

Rotom-Wash: Brain Wash