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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by bbninjas, Aug 29, 2015.

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  1. Empoleon_master I can stop watching Anime any time I don't want to


    I did claim elita.
    Something seems slightly off to me about PMJ, he just started out of the blue going "EVERYONE MASS CLAIM OR YOU ARE SCUM! WE CAN'T GIVE THE ENEMY AN ADVANTAGE!!" Does this seem off to anyone else or is it just me being new?
    Here's my theories as to what's going on which will likely be considered contentless:

    1 PMJ is basically shouting curse words at people to make them target him and thus divert attention from someone else. (This is my best guess, I would like your opinion @scattered mind )
    2 PMJ believes his time is near so he is trying to get lynched which would benefit another player that's scum/indie (less likely but I do want to consider this)

    I think we have to think about why PMJ would just start demanding a mass claim and wearing a "LYNCH ME I'M MAFIA" sign out of nowhere for no apparent reason other than the fact that it would be one giant dumbtell that people will be telling their children about.

  2. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    That sound quite logical but maybe I'm just too easily being influence by your presentation..

    Anyway, a mass claim of day 2 is less then ideal. With knowing that the mafia got safe-claim. Some like Zinna a non ranger character, I would be surprise if people have a safeclaim that is quite a man character either from a main character from the ranger games
  3. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    There was no one to defend as we were stuck with no leads at that moment.
    ( not sure if we are not stuck right now:p)
    I think PMJ likes to push things like at D1 and that could be the real reason for that.
  4. Squirtle Squad Aspiring Trainer
    Squirtle Squad


    Wow you guys have been active last night...
    In terms of a mass claim, it's not a good idea (as everyone else has said), in terms of my own role, I hinted at Wallace ages ago, which is in fact who I am. I'm not a power Role, but it's still not worth giving all this info to scum, especially on Day 2! Later on, when there's only a couple of scum left then sure, but right now it's really not great.

    Few things I've noticed in my reading back. PMJ has been even scummier, and even though simsands claimed to confirm his role before, celevers point about Godfathers existing etc, makes me think PMJ could have a role like that, but would that affect an ability that reveals role
    Name? Not sure..

    At the same time I've finding Celever to be scummy in a sense. Just because his claim and cyphers have the same flavour, that doesn't mean that they still can't be safe claims. Whilst I don't think they'd Be working together, I don't think they're both confo-town.

    But right now ##unvote: SilverSilent
    ##vote: PMJ

    If you flip scum I'm gonna be so annoyed at myself for defending you (and it'll probably get me lynched as well...)
  5. Celever Wheeeee~


    If simisands is telling the truth (which I think he is) then PMJ's role would scan with a fake role name, since he's most likely our only direct rolescanner so PMJ's role would be adapted to correlate.

    I have never claimed to be confo-town and now I'm saying this in every other post. Do you have a reason to think I'm scummy besides me not being confo-town?
  6. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    Well it seems we are on option 2. PMJ acted very scummy and I guess I can't hold my vote from him just because it seems like he want to push things. If that was the real reason then he would have been more active after simsands' post about him. But he was not until that mass claim idea. SS we all agree Celever and Cypher are not confo town. It's just too early I guess to discuss it.
    We need more info.

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  7. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    lol stupid phone

    ##Vote: pmj
  8. Squirtle Squad Aspiring Trainer
    Squirtle Squad


    The only other thing atm is the muddy water thing. If it didn't come from you then where did it come from. As PMJ said earlier
    To able to block more than one person at a time is pretty scummy /dangerous..
  9. Celever Wheeeee~


    Muddy Water is a Water-Type move and we have Team Aqua in the game. Am I really the only one not to have made this connection?
  10. Empoleon_master I can stop watching Anime any time I don't want to


    I'm looking at the page before he started posting about how massclaim or you're scum, and here's the people that started getting things against them or were voted for.

    People that were even suspected mildly before the mass claim demand:
    Twisted Turtwig
    Silver Silent (super light suspicion then had their name cleared)

    And here's a copy paste of what Scattered mind had for posting about what is known about players.
    This is the list without any player who has claimed a role name, full role or an ability.
    • Reinforce
    • Yeowie
    • Keeper of Night
    • Ice Espeon
  11. simsands Half raccoon, half chipmunk


    I never thought of the possibility of my ability failing in a Godfather situation... Is it really worth the lynch, though?
  12. Squirtle Squad Aspiring Trainer
    Squirtle Squad


    Ok but you do have Swampert? Because there is Swampert in the game right?
    Hmm yeah Aqua could have it, which would makes sense being a water move... Hmm
  13. Empoleon_master I can stop watching Anime any time I don't want to


    This is what I think could be the case of muddy water's effect.
    Target one person, this ability will work on that person, then there is a 1 in X chance that it will ALSO hit Y amount of people which would explain how people with abilities that normally would not be targets of any team would be hit by it.
  14. Celever Wheeeee~


    Yeah I have Swampert.
  15. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    Well, the case on Luis was not that big either and the other option is voting for the inactive players. At least here we have some kind of theory.
    Another option is also looking into the other connections but no one wants to talk about the TT-tgk-Growlighteguy connection apparently and the Celever-Cypher connection has been discussed already with somewhat of agreement that right now they seem believable or that we don't have enough info yet to vote for one of them.
  16. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

  17. Squirtle Squad Aspiring Trainer
    Squirtle Squad


    Just realised I forgot to talk about their connection. I did have a couple of thoughts on it:

    Looking purely at TGK's role and from what he has said then yes I understand the connection completely between him and Growlitheguy.

    TGK has since confirmed Growlithe Guy as Town yet ignored my question as to whether or not that was certain.
    @thegrovylekid any Host confirmation that GrowlitheGuy is town?? or still not certain?

    As for TT's connection in this trio its so bizarre... There was no hint in TGK's role as to TT being connected in all of this, yet they can confirm him as town??

    Whilst i don't find them as scummy per-say, the whole connection is weird..
  18. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    Vote Count - Day 2

    Valid through: Post 917

    PMJ: 6 (Grimer (407), Grimer (407), Celever (451), thegrovylekid (469), thegrovylekid (554), Celever (567), Yeowie (610), thegrovylekid (665), thegrovylekid (677), Celever (896), Squirtle Squad (904), scattered mind (906))
    Ice Espeon: 1 (Grimer (407), SilverSilent (640), thegrovylekid (768))
    SilverSilent: 2 (Celever (413), simsands (416), thegrovylekid (498), Squirtle Squad (532), scattered mind (747), Squirtle Squad (750), thegrovylekid (756), Growlitheguy (759), thegrovylekid (779))
    thegrovylekid: 0 (Celever (478))
    TwistedTurtwig: 0 (Squirtle Squad (587), scattered mind (611))
    GM Draclord: 1 (Squirtle Squad (627), thegrovylekid (655), thegrovylekid (667), simsands (804))
    Squirtle Squad: 2 (Empoleon_master (702), GM Draclord (703))
    Growlitheguy: 1 (Ice Espeon (770), PMJ (836)
    scattered mind: 1 (PMJ (862))

    Day Ends: ~11 hours

    Not voting: 6 (Reinforce, TwistedTurtwig, Keeper of Night, Cypher333, SilverSilent, Growlitheguy)

    Vote manipulations, if any, are shown in vote counts.
  19. SilverSilent Dem Eeveelutions


    Unfortunately it's a rather close call either way.

    I'm still a bit cautious on Celever, I'm not denying he couldn't be town, but I have seen scum take out their own team in order to gain trust as town. I don't think that's the case at all here (especially since there's Aqua and Magma) but it's not something that shouldn't be overlooked at all.

    As far as PMJ, I'm not sure on him either, mainly because he seems like he's all over the place, acting as town and scum and causing a riling upon everyone which has proven more than effective. He could be the neutral player in all of this.

    As far as TT, TGK, and GG, I feel like if they are scum, they're playing a very very fine line and if a town is taken out that goes against their defense that could prove to backfire on them.

    I would place a vote, but as I have no vote weight as of this day, my vote is pointless.
  20. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    Yeah this is very weird. If they are town it must be an ability from TT. But then, what kind of ability can target a player and tells him they are town? Can tgk be sure it's not a scummy ability?
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