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  1. TwistedTurtwig It's been a pleasure


    As the sun sets over the bustling Midwestern metropolis, the city comes alive with the sounds of nightlife, as bright signs illuminate the windows of shops and taxis beep and honk as they try to make their way through the congested traffic. The crowds walking the streets have thinned out some, but to the untrained eye, they're just as dense as they are during the day.

    However, the brightest lights create the darkest shadows. Shady criminals and gangs populate the murky alleyways and make up the city's underground. And yet something much deadlier than anyone can imagine is lurking right beneath the surface, and it's almost too late...

    In the city that never sleeps, you're going to have to use everything you've got to avoid being laid to rest.

    Welcome to Werewolf XX: Seleno City!

    The Basics

    What is Werewolf?
    Werewolf (more commonly known as Mafia, the game it is based on) is a game that features two main factions: the werewolves and townspeople. The idea is that there is a town full of people and some werewolves have hidden amongst them. During the day, they appear as normal people - it is at night that they take the form of the beast and slay the townspeople.

    How do you play?
    Werewolf takes place in two main shifts: the Day Phase, which lasts for 7 real life days, and the Night Phase, which lasts for 3 real life days.

    Day Phase
    During the Day, the players are able to freely talk amongst themselves to try and decide who they believe the wolves are. Players may also vote on someone they believe to be the best candidate for death, and once a simple majority is reached, the game host will post "Game Freeze." The player who reached the required vote total will be lynched, removed from the game, and their role card will be revealed to everyone. Then, the day phase will end and the night phase will begin. A simple majority is defined as half of the maximum number of players, plus one. For example, if there were 16 players alive, 9 of them would have to vote for the same person to end the day. If no simple majority is reached by the end of the day, the person with the highest number of votes will be lynched instead.

    How to Vote
    When you are voting for a player, be sure to use the correct format:
    Use the (v) and (color=#FF0000) tags to ensure that your vote is done correctly. At any time after voting for someone, you can unvote that person if you change your mind. To unvote, use the format:
    Use the (uv) and (color=#006400) tags to ensure that the unvote is done correctly as well. You can vote again after you've unvoted, but it's not necessary to as soon as you unvote.

    Night Phase
    During the Night, no one is able to post in the game thread except for the host. This is when the wolves get together and decide who they will kill that night. Once they have come to a decision, the Alpha wolf sends the host a PM containing the name of the player they will kill and the name of the wolf who will carry the job out. The non-wolf player they chose will be killed and removed from the game the next morning, and their role card will be revealed to everyone. Also during the night, some players are able to use some of the abilities that they have. After the deadline for the night phase is reached, or if everyone's PMs are sent in, the game host will wrap up the night with a post summarizing some of the events that took place, and the day phase will start.

    Abilities and Active Effects
    Most of the players will have at least one Ability or Active Effect included in their role, and often more than just one. The difference between abilities and active effects is that abilities must be used manually, while active effects are passive. Abilities often require another player to be used as a target, but the requirements for an ability vary. Some abilities may be used during the night, and others can be used during the day. To use one of your abilities, use the following format:
    Use Ability #1 on: TwistedTurtwig
    Or if there is not target for your ability, just:
    Use Ability #1
    Active effects might be always on, or might activate when a certain condition is met. An example of an ability would be one where every night, a player can choose one person to roleblock. An example of an active effect would be one where a player's vote weight is always increased by one.

    Some players will start off with an item in their possession at the beginning of the game. These items have a range of effects; some are helpful, some are harmful, and some may be useless to you, but a big help for another player. You may only have one item in your possession at a time. Items can be passed to another player during the night phase. To pass an item to someone else, use the following format:
    Pass Potion to: TwistedTurtwig
    If the player you try passing an item to is already holding an item, the pass will fail, and you will retain your item. If the player you try passing an item to is passing on one of their items, the exchange will function like normal. You will not be notified of who passes you an item. Holding on to an item forever might not be worthwhile, as you could miss out on a better one down the road. Be warned: there are some players who are able to steal items, so your item might not be as safe as you think. If a player dies while holding an item, the item will stay on them, and the players will be notified that the dead person was holding an item upon their death, but not which item they were holding.

    The Factions

    There are three different groups, or factions, that you will belong to while playing Werewolf XX:

    The Town
    The town members, also known as the villagers or townies, are the uninformed majority of the game, whose goal is to eliminate all the threats to their town. While the town's main weapon is the lynch, most town members have other abilities that can help them with their search for the wolves.

    Town Win Condition: At least one player aligned with the town is alive when all wolves and threatening indies have been eliminated.

    The Werewolves
    The werewolves, also known as the scum, are the informed minority, whose goal is to eliminate everyone else in the game. All of the werewolves know the identities of their fellow wolves from the start. If the number of wolves ever matches or exceeds the number of other players, then the game will end, since theoretically, they would be able to manipulate the rest of the game thanks to their majority when voting. The werewolves' main weapon is their nightly kill, although they often have extra abilities used to further confuse and intimidate the town members.

    Werewolf Win Condition: At least one player allied with the wolves is alive when all other players are dead, or when nothing else can prevent the same.

    The Independents
    Besides the town members and the werewolves, there are also Independent players, also known as Indies, who are aligned with no one but themselves. Their win conditions vary, so one Indie might not be able to win in the same way as another. Indies that have the alignment "None" are generally harmless to other players, since the game can be won while they are still alive, but Indies with the alignment "Self" must be eliminated if another faction wants to succeed.

    Independent Win Condition: Varies from Indie to Indie.

    The Rules

    There are a number of rules that you'll have to follow in Werewolf XX to ensure that the game is fair for everyone. Violation of any of these rules will result in a modkill. A modkill is when you are forcibly removed from the game. If you violate any of these rules enough times, then you will either be replaced by one of the subs, or modkilled. Some rules, if broken, will result in an instant modkill.

    1. Do not edit your posts.
    2. Do not post in the game thread while the night phase is in progress.
    3. Do not go over the tops with insults to another player. Use common sense here.
    4. Do not "Like" any of the game posts once the game has started.
    5. Do not talk about the game with other people outside of the thread, unless it's because of a mason ability or you're one of the werewolves.
    6. Do not change your forum name while the game is still going on.
    7. Do not take a screenshot of anything that the host sends you.
    8. Do not copy and paste your role word for word in the game thread, or to anyone. Summarizing it is fine, but any direct copy and paste, whether it's real or not, is a violation of this rule.
    9. No double-posting. We don't need another 30+ page day.

    Any player who is modkilled will have their role changed to a Independent Survivor so that they will not win, even if their faction does. Any player found to have modkilled his or herself to give their faction an advantage will cause a penalty for their faction. If a player is modkilled during the day phase, the day will end with their modkill instead of a lynch.

    Additionally, a player must make at least four posts per day phase, or they will be subbed out for another player. Inactivity is a big no no, so only join the game if you're planning on playing it all the way through.


    Q: What will happen once I die?
    A: When you die, you are removed from the game and can no longer post in the game thread (because you are dead). If you are part of the wolf team, you will also lose access to the wolf forum.

    Q: I died, but through my role I learned that another player was a wolf! Can I tell all of the others?
    A: Has a dead body ever knocked on your door and had a conversation with you? If the answer is no, then no, you can't.

    Q: Can I vote for No Lynch instead?
    A: No, No Lynch is not a viable option is this game.

    Q: What phase is the game starting in?
    A: The game will begin with a Night 0 start. No kills will be able to happen for that night only.

    Q: Do I get to have an ability or active effect?
    A: Yes, this is a Role Madness game, so players will almost definitely have at least one ability or active effect, and often more than that. Be warned though, the amount of vanilla roles is not zero.

    Q: I'm going to be gone for a certain amount of days. What will happen while I'm gone?
    A: Depending on the length of your absence, you may either be assigned a temporary sub, or if it's long enough, a permanent sub. If it's a very short time, then it'll most likely be fine, and nothing will have to be arranged.

    Q: How long does a game last?
    A: It really depends on how the game plays out, but the average game lasts for a month or two. However, I can't guarantee that you'll live to see the whole game. ;D

    Q: Is this game balanced?
    A: ...probably. All sides are pretty OP, so let's see how this plays out.

    Q: Can I quote anything the game moderator sends me?
    A: Nope, if you quote anything (role PM, results of an ability, etc.), then that's against the rules. Your punishment will be determined accordingly (and will often involve fighting sharks while in a straightjacket for my personal amusement).

    Q: If I'm dead, is there any way for me to continue playing in the game?
    A: Unfortunately for you, there aren't any resurrections in this game, so any player who's dead will stay dead. However, upon your death, you will be sent the link to a Quicktopic where the deceased players can discuss the game and laugh at the ignorance of the townies. Refreshments will be served.

    Q: I think I love you.
    A: That's not a question.

    If you have any other questions regarding the game rules or mechanics, feel free to ask it here in the thread. Once the roles are passed out, you can ask any question specifically about your role by shooting me a quick PM.

    The Players

    There's 32 spots available in WW XX. Signups begin.... now! If sign ups go for long enough, and the needed amount if players is not reached, I could remove some of the roles, but that would make the game a lot less fun. So if you'd like, put a link to this thread in your sig or mention it to a friend, since we could always use more players!

    1. GM Draclord
    2. Keeper of Night Killed by the werewolves Night 2
    3. WanderingWolf Shot by an unknown assailant Night 1
    4. sillykyle Killed by the werewolves Night 1
    5. grantm1999 Killed by the werewolves Night 8
    6. Teal Modkilled Day 5
    7. Professor Palutena
    8. One Approved Killed by the werewolves Night 3
    9. RaichuGirl
    10. Porygon-X
    11. PMJ Luckyfire Modkilled Day 8
    12. Mapleboy86 Modkilled Day 4
    13. Poseidon Modkilled Day 4
    14. TheGuy Lynched Day 5
    15. Camoclone Slain by The Vigilante Night 2
    16. Reinforce
    17. corn bread Modkilled Day 4
    18. Machamp the Champion Lynched Day 8
    19. rev3rsor
    20. Haunted Water Lynched Day 2
    21. HypnoticChairman Modkilled Day 4
    22. SMP Modkilled Day 4
    23. Fangarde Celever Killed by the werewolves Night 6
    24. alex Modkilled Day 6
    25. Kecleon-X Lynched Day 9
    26. Puff-Sun Eron
    27. MtheW lovandra Modkilled Day 8
    28. Prince Dedenne Modkilled Night 1
    29. Ares Lynched Day 1
    30. Chaos Jackal Killed by the werewolves Night 4
    31. Scorched Feathers Lynched Day 3
    32. Drohn Killed by the werewolves Night 9

    1. Luckyfire
    2. Celever
    3. Eron
    4. lovandra

  2. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    If i can play 3 game at once.. signed me up
  3. Keeper of Night Nobody Special
    Keeper of Night



  4. WanderingWolf Only *insert number here* days to go!


    RE: Werewolf XX: Seleno City - Signups are open!

    In, time to read the rules ^_^

    '6. Do not change your forum name while the game is still going on.'

    Well, PMJ, there's my decision. I'm not changing my name until this is done :p
  5. sillykyle boop


    RE: Werewolf XX: Seleno City - Signups are open!

  6. RE: Werewolf XX: Seleno City - Signups are open!

    Haha 3 beach games. In.
    Is no lynch allowed?
    Night or day start?
  7. Teal 黄前さん らしい ね


    RE: Werewolf XX: Seleno City - Signups are open!

    Teal joins the fight!
  8. RE: Werewolf XX: Seleno City - Signups are open!


    No more verbing makes me a sad pancham.
  9. TwistedTurtwig It's been a pleasure


    RE: Werewolf XX: Seleno City - Signups are open!

    No lynch is not allowed, and it'll start with a Night 0.

    I'll update the Q and A.
  10. WanderingWolf Only *insert number here* days to go!


    RE: Werewolf XX: Seleno City - Signups are open!

    No death Night 0, or traditional Night 0?
  11. TwistedTurtwig It's been a pleasure


    RE: Werewolf XX: Seleno City - Signups are open!

    No death Night 0.
  12. One Approved

    Chat Room Staff Advanced Member Member

    RE: Werewolf XX: Seleno City - Signups are open!

    In if we can join more than one game at a time.

    troop doop scoop
    WanderingWolf likes this.
  13. WanderingWolf Only *insert number here* days to go!


    RE: Werewolf XX: Seleno City - Signups are open!

    The first few of us are going to be playing 3 games at a time.
  14. RaichuGirl Australian National champion 2014


    RE: Werewolf XX: Seleno City - Signups are open!

    I am in
  15. Porygon-X There's No Place Like


    RE: Werewolf XX: Seleno City - Signups are open!

    32 players and a four post a day requirement? You're going to run out of subs very fast..

    In though. :)
  16. PMJ happy thoughts

    Articles Head Activities Staff Badges Staff Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    RE: Werewolf XX: Seleno City - Signups are open!

    In in in in in in in
  17. Mapleboy86 Chuck Norris can touch MC Hammer


    RE: Werewolf XX: Seleno City - Signups are open!

    I'll play
  18. TwistedTurtwig It's been a pleasure


    RE: Werewolf XX: Seleno City - Signups are open!

    I'm thinking about changing it to just three, but I'm not entirely sure right now. I'll have to see how many players sign up first.
  19. Poseidon Formerly Sir Taco


    RE: Werewolf XX: Seleno City - Signups are open!

    I'll join.
  20. TheGuy Member since '09


    RE: Werewolf XX: Seleno City - Signups are open!

    in for my 15th main wolf game.
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