Welcome to the Brand New PokéBeach! Come On In!

Naked Snake

I haven't been here in a while, I don't post here very much. This new new design, I'm really digging it! And what are this trophy things? Did that come with the redesign?


S Type Armor
Eh you'll get used to it. Literally every single time I've changed the layout people have had trouble with it for a little while. It's just because it's new and different. I've been staring at this new layout for 3 years as I designed it and it feels incredibly natural to me now. The staff have also said the same thing and some of them have only used it for a week or so.

I think we've redone the calendar about 10 times since then. XD

You were right, Water! I only just got back here after making that post, and it already looks so much more beautiful.