weird symbols disappearing, absorbing other letters or becoming question marks!?

Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by Heavenly Spoon, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Heavenly Spoon Just this guy, you know?
    Heavenly Spoon

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    I'm not 100 sure of this though, but it happened to me in the ex barrel scrapers post.
    if you quick edit a post, then all és and the 2 following letters become ?, like Pokémon become pok?n, this does not happen when using the full edit

    this is rather unpleasant, because the "é" is part of the official Pokémon name, and part of our webmaster's name for that matter :p

    has this happened to anyone else? And does this also happen for other letters? and most important, WHY?

    anyhow, I hope that this will get fixed soon


  2. CCloud Aspiring Trainer


    RE: é=? ?

    Hmm...this use to be a factor when WPM was re-doing the forums. I did not know this was still a problem.
  3. Frozen Eternity Aspiring Trainer
    Frozen Eternity


    RE: é=? ?

    Yeah it happens to my EX DELTA DOOM . It was so iritating.
  4. Lieutenant Houndoom Back from the...
    Lieutenant Houndoom


    RE: é=? ?

    Plus, extended spacing and δ's change too. Happened so irritatingly when I was changing to Deoxys...
  5. Heavenly Spoon Just this guy, you know?
    Heavenly Spoon

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    I changed the topic title to make it more general and to show what it is about

    I'm wondering, would the same happen to @, & or #, I can't test it cause quick edit won't work for me ATM
    I think quick edit is one of the most difficult things to program, so I guess we can't blame WPM, but let's hope that he gets this glitch fixed ASAP

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