Wednesday, 9/6, Team Rocket's New Voices, EX Dragon Frontiers Tid-Bits


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Oh dear.

James sounds like a dapper old gentleman. TR voices should just ditch impersonations and try to sound like the Japanese TR or something if it'll be like this. My two cents, anyways.

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^ I disagree. I think the new voices sound very similar to the old VAs, and James, while he isn't perfect, sounds much better than Mastermind.

So, I'm happy ^_^ Can't wait for Season 9!!


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yeah James sounds like an old man...jesse not bad, & meowth uh...can't say for sure...

appart fro james new TR doesn't sound that bad...IMO

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Jesse sounds squeaky and both of them sound like they should be on oxygen. That haunter still sounds funny. "Ghost! Ghost!" Oh, and it looks way too pink. Is it sapposted to be shiney or something?


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Hmmm... I was wondering how Team Rocket's voices improved since the mastermind blunder. Meowth at least sounds better and somewhat closer to Maddie (except for his scream which really isn't as much of a deal.) Jessie definitely sounds much better and you can actually tell what she's saying. Same goes for James in the same respect. It a good thing James went to the doctors to cure his nasel problems (just a joke; actually, it was the rushed production of the special that gave him no time to perfect his voice.) This is definitely a much better performance since the T.V. version of the mastermind special. Where did you get this clip from anyway, and why isn't Haunter's voice dubbed like it was in the past?

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WOW! I was actually impressed with the new voices. James still sounded sexy and Jessie still had her...accent, thought it was kinda shaky on the "GO!" part. Meowth I was most impressed with, wow. I must congradulate them. They did a much batter job than with Mastermind.



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I like the new james really well but jessie could use a fix up abit thought and I can't wait for the new sets to come out.:)


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my problem with the decks are, well, maybe not the CG ecks but all the theme decks suck. All we really get for a holo is a crappy rare that they decide to make "special" holofoil.

like Latias and Latios for Holon Phantoms ( jesus, Holon Phantom came out not to long ago and we're already going on the the 2nd set after... )
as far as I know, the only deck that didn't have a rare made into a holofoil was the Delta Slamance.
But then again I came in on Delta Species so I know nothing of before it.

So it'll prob have crappy holofils like manitine or ledian or Yanma... or whatever...

in my opinion the theme deck are only good for getting cards you need like Mudkips, Bill's and Energies