Wednesday, 6/7, Pokemon Battle Revolution!


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This is what we wanted for many years now; full battles without the split-screen effect for attacks; Pikachu just runs up and attacks the Deoxys. Hyper Beam blows the background away and leaves a dent in the floor. The trainers gesture and issue attack commands. The graphics look awesome. I am interested in seeing what new things develop out of this; I can't wait to see what other attacks and monsters look like in battle.


OMG, this is AWESOME!! Finally, a game where the Pokemon make contact with another! The graphics looks awesome, I really liked how the trainers looked and the fact that the backgrounds are destructalbe is a nice feature. He looked huge for some reason. I can't wait for this game! Too bad that video's quality wasn't all that great though.

EDIT: IGN has the video for download here:

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WOOOOW, they actually touch each other, that's the 1 thing that always bothered me. The graphics are awesome, I can't wait.


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This is soooo awsome!!!

For a long time i was wondering howcome the games aren't like the show(in the sense of Battling)?

I mean in the games you culdn't doge, do psychal attack like throwing, just plain flying, etc.

Finally the came out with a game in which most of this is possible!!!



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Damn, now I really want to get this Wii! Arghk, I also want NDSlite first!!


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This game will be cool don't forget there will even be new pokemon on that game!

Pokemon revolution will also have new pokemon not just good graphics!

pokemon revolution will be cool don't forget there will even be new pokemon on that game!

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Dont you mean triple post? -_-;

Anyway, the game looks cool. Well i'm basing that entirely of the graphics. I'm a bit tired of graphics and the 'shadow' storyline... that's what made Colosseum and XD boring, because they were just too plain. If they create a REALLY interesting storyline, good graphics, better animations and everything looks cool then i'll be very happy, otherwise might be disappointed again (which I dont wanta be)


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hey cool wish i had a wii anyway where are the episodes? how do i put a picture?:shy::shy::rolleyes::rolleyes:

can abhorsen anser?


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Yes I can answer, but i'm not gonna refer to your post since it was mostly pointless... doesnt even make sense since the grammer is messed up so I dont understand what you're trying to say.

I also edited your post so you dont double post. Dont double post.

Anyway, I watched the video again and like the fact that the attack Groudon used stayed in effect after Deoxys fainted, instead of the whole ground disappearing to normal like in Col/XD. Makes it seem more real, same with the trainer's orders (if you call them that).

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CRAZY!!!! Maybe I'll buy a Wii after all.... This is the main reason I didn't buy Colloseum or XD... the whole "touching" thing. I hope a little leak of D/P Pokemon sneaks out with the buzz for this game.....
I also think that the current name of the game is only temporary... it sounds kinda lame.


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That was SWEET! But I wonder....

What does a dodging (missed attack) animation look like?
What does a sleeping animation look like?
What does a confused animation look like?
If a pokemon uses protect, what does the attacking pokemon look like? (An expression on its face)
I have many more questions, but my post would be too long.
NOTE: Does anybody know what the guy is saying?


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Oooooh, wow, that was great ^^ I love the destroyable scenery! It'd be cool if it a a rpg that let you play the pokemon


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Sounds like an awesome game and I can't wait to get it and I am still waiting to get XD.:)


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Now folks, we can't expect too much. From the video alone, it looks like pokemon only have 1 attack animation. So, throw rocks at them, shoot lightning at them, or tackle them, they are going to do the same thing when they get hit.

Most likely the missed animation will just show the pokemon standing there like nothing happened.

I wasn't impressed with stadium, or stadium 2, or col., or XD, and I doubt I will be impressed with this game.