Wednesday, 3/1, Fake Card Blanks, Trozei, JAA Registration


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its a ds game, but there's a website for it 2 tell u about do u make a fake exactly? stay alive and throw that useless alegebra book wpm!! lol what if we got our parents to go to the jorney across america thing and they took another of my games? he doin that!


well we unexplained mysteries like the lochness monster my mom used to live in a haunted house full of 6 in. people my dad went to an elevator and he saw a ghost.wpm your not the only one


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You and your unessesarily personal updates. :p
But while I'm (unfortunatley) on topic, might as well point out some swell links.
(Not for those who get as easily parinoid as WPM ;) )


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That stuff looks pretty cool and I can't wait for pokemon trozei because it looks like a fun puzzle game sort of like Dr. mario and tetris combined.:)

WPM I think your house is haunted or you have a gaurdian angel watching over you.:)


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WPM, I had the same problem. I had an alarm clock that went off when it wasnt set. I shut it off, went back to bed. It goes off 20 min. later. I get up, shut it off, got a screwdriver and took out the batteries. It goes off 1 hour later. I freak out and shove on a shelf in my closet. It is still there, and hasn't made a sound since. Creepy, huh?