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I felt so much better when I didn't see the term "Ex" anywhere in the D/P info page. They normally reveal how many Ex's are coming in each set, and they didn't here, nor did they say anything about * pokemon, which is indeed promising for the solid future of the TCG.


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Energyless attacks? Flavor text? Naetoru?!?!! :D

Very sweet, I'm very excited.


The TCG looks promising. I havn't played in quite a few months.

I like the Sugimori art, still, somthing seems off...

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the TCG looks promesing, I like the fact that the W/R/RC are still at the buttom, and the flavor text doesn't seem to take up a lot of space.
the card design didn't change all that much, so I'm ok with it, adding new stuff to the games is always nice :)

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i like the pic from Ken Sugimori i love his art work
the card seem to be great i am glad i stared to collect
them again


Hey WPM, just wanted to let you know that the picture of the three DP pokemon you listed are actually stage 1 (even in the games), not stage 2. This should clear up some confusion. :D

Their stage 2 forms are much more... beefy, majestic, and upright (to Naetoru, Pocchama, and Hikozaru, respectively)


I totally forgot your birthday was on the 3rd WPM, I told myself I wouldn't forget! >.< Anyway, happy 18th!! ;)

I saw the new D/P TCG stuff a couple weeks ago, I think the energyless attacks are the coolest new gameplay mechanic, we should of had those from the start!


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I hope they bring a new concept into the game like ex.I am not sure about energyless attacks though,Now it seems like the old cards will not be used due to energyless attacks.I also hope they keep energyless attacks to 10 damage.However I like the new weakness and resistance I think it will only do the num,ber it says.Example:Golduck has 20+ weakness to lightnig so Pikachu uses thundershock whice does 10 plus the extra 20.I also hope energy less attacks are not a common thing.

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I have some thoughts about pokemon tcg dp. First of all WHY BRING BACK THE LEVEL ON THE CARD THING?! Its person! Second,will cards from other sets like EX Crystal Guardians be compatable with these? Third, how come better attacks (see info for Goukazaru's attack) have less energy cards?

Also if pokemon tcg dp comes out in may, what will the february set be?


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That Monkey is still BROKEN!! Very nice cards;) Dodaitoise is going to be a beast with it's second attack.