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Standard Volcanion-Arcanine (Post-Rotation)

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by TuxedoBlack, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    I've found the performance of this deck to be a bit surprising - in a good way. It's no big surprise that Volcanion (featured in some other Fire decks) also has great synergy with the UNB Arcanine. Arcanine is a single prize, 140 HP Stage 1 Pokémon, solid attacker with 2 good attacks. Its 1st attack (Grand Flame) can inflict 120 damage (for RRR energy cost) in addition to retrieving up to 2 discarded R energy and attaching them to a benched Pokémon. The 2nd attack, Heat Tackle, can inflict 190 damage (for RRRR energy cost); unfortunately, this attack also inflicts 50 damage onto the Arcanine.

    Initially, these attack costs seemed "expensive" in terms of both actual energy attach and time; but with the fire 'engine" (i.e., Fiery Flint, Fire Crystal and Welder), the attack costs are quite reasonable if not better than average. Further, when going 2nd at the game's beginning, a starting Volcanion can get 3 R into play with its Flare Starter attack.

    I'd welcome any suggestions for improvement, as well as thoughts regarding incorporating new UNM cards.

    Pokémon (18)
    3 Arcanine
    4 Growlithe (UNB 21)
    2 Ninetales (TEU 16)
    1 Oranguru (UPR 114)
    2 Reshiram & Charizard-GX (UNB 20)
    4 Volcanion (UNB 25)
    2 Vulpix (TEU 15)

    Energy (12)
    12 Fire Energy (SM 165)

    Trainers (30)
    1 Brock's Grit (TEU 135)
    4 Cynthia (UPR 119)
    2 Fiery Flint (DRM 60)
    3 Fire Crystal (UNB 173)
    1 Heat Factory Prism Star (LOT 178)
    2 Judge (FLI 108)
    3 Lillie (UPR 125)
    2 Lysandre Labs (FLI 111)
    1 Pal Pad (UPR 132)
    4 Pokémon Communication (TEU 152)
    2 Switch (CLS 147)
    2 Tate & Liza (CLS 148)
    3 Welder (UNB 189)

    Thank you for your feedback.
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  2. Dillonzer Aspiring Trainer


    • 1 Oranguru (UPR 114) - What is the point of this card in the deck? Do you think you'll need to be retrieving resources? I feel like this deck wants to set up fast and attack, and having this card for the very long game is unnecessary.
    • 2 Tate & Liza (CLS 148) - I imagine you could switch these out for other things, there is so much other draw support I don't think having a supporter that would most likely be used as a Switch in the deck.
    • Maybe pull out a growlithe or 2 and add in a Ditto Prism
    • Add some reset stamps. I'd suggest 2. They are going to be huge in this meta.
    • Giant Hearth would be a good addition to this deck.
    Those are my initial thoughts without testing anything.
  3. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    Thanks for your comments; they are appreciated.

    The Oranguru was originally included as a counter to several stall decks played in my area. However, the meta here has again shifted and this Pokémon (Oranguru) is no longer considered a priority. So, it will be replaced.
    4 "switching" cards are good to have to help reset ReshiZard GX's Flare Strike attack. Tate & Liza also provides another card-draw option too.
    Agreed. A 3-3 Arcanine line works well; so, the 3rd and 4th Growlithe are no longer a priority.
    Both Reset Stamp (a staple in all (?) decks) and Giant Hearth (Ninetales new best friend... lol) will both be added.

    Another card that has been added to the list is Lysandre PS which can potentially severely cripple an opponent's tactics.
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