Volbeat Illumise Deck


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I decided I want to play a rogue deck using these two for fun. I am a little unsure of where to start though and what other pokemon I should play in the deck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

So far I have:
Illumise x4
Volbeat x4

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Illumise from HS-Triumphant.
Volbeat from HS-Triumphant.


Now with one fewer 's'
I'd include a 2-2 Sunflora line, just to be able to get out your Pokémon quicker. An ideal setup would be 1 Sunflora on bench, 4 Volbeat, and 1 Illumise active. Remember to have plenty of Revives, 4 Collector (and possibly some Pokégear), 4 Communication, and a good amount of energy. Maybe some Seeker to pick up the Sunflora so you don't have to keep retreating something every time an Illumise gets KO'd. And of course, Defenders and PlusPowers to keep up in the game. Maybe a couple Twinsa, and a good amount of hand refresh (4 PONT, 2 Juniper, 2 Judge or something like that). You don't need too many Pokémon besides Volbeat, Illumise, and Sunflora, simply because you want to have lots of bench room to get maximum damage.


Aspiring Trainer
I've made this deck before, here's what you need really.

4/4 Volbeat/Illumise
8-10 energies
So you're using 16-18 spots of your deck right now. The other 42-44 spots are all going to be trainers and supporters to raise the consistancy of the deck along with damage output and board manipulation. Cards to quickly set up like Dual Ball, Collector, and Great Ball are musts, though I suggest using only 2 of the three, with one of those two being Collector. Then a draw engine is needed. I have to say, I enjoy the Juniper/Sages/Junk Arm in this deck, though cards such as PONT, Copycat, and Judge are good too. Then add in cards to help get KO's, such as catcher and plus power. Finally, recover cards are needed. I would've said just use revive/energy retrieval, but now due to google Deck and GothLock, 1 FSL is a safe play in the deck along with the revive/energy retrieval.