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The VMAX mechanic will be returning to Japan’s Time Gazer and Space Juggler sets! Pokemon Taiwan has just teased a new Heatran VMAX and Wyrdeer V. They will be fully revealed tonight.


Most fans, including us, thought Creatures decided to retire the VMAX mechanic. No VMAX Pokemon appeared in January’s Star Birth or February’s Battle Region. After all, the new block introduced the VSTAR mechanic. December’s VMAX Climax was the last set to feature VMAX Pokemon, and the name also seemed to imply they had reached their peak. At best, we thought they would only make guest appearances here and there...

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I personally like getting more VMAX Pokemon. They're a lot more manageable now anyways with Choice Belt being a thing, and soon we're also getting that Sparkly Hawlucha to also help if any new problematic ones become dominant in the meta like Mew currently is.


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People don't remember that when Tag Teams came out we still got normal GX's. I knew VMAXes wasn't done yet.
Tag Bolt was the only Japanese set which contained Tag Teams and not regular GXs. So far there have been two Japanese sets with VSTARs and not VMAXs. So it wasn't a bad bet to assume VMAXs were gone.


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Game Freak be like:
who gives a **** about the missing Gigantamaxes let's just give random Pokémon VMAXes!


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Didn't some Legendaries/Mythicals miss out on being EXs during the time when they were exclusively Legendaries and Mythicals? Wouldn't be unheard of if they skipped out on those Gigantamaxes.