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You're out of your mind.

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Hello! My name is VioletValkyrie and I have struggled to obtain Pokémon for my Pokédex, collection, or for other means in the past. Throughout the region of Alola or even outside, there are some rare Pokémon that can be difficult to find and I am a person who understands that struggle. I've been able to help many trainers find the Pokémon and items they are unable to obtain or find it difficult to obtain, but never had a place to publicly offer this service. That's why I created this thread!

If you're looking for general help in finding Pokémon or can't get what you're looking for, look no further!

➤➤ This thread is request-driven! This means that I don't have a list of my collection for show. Instead, this thread is driven by requests by you guys! Let me know what you're looking for, and I will trade it to you! Requests are also not limited to the Alola Pokédex, and legendary/mythical Pokémon are available!
➤➤ This thread does not take very specific requests and is meant for general trades. This means I unfortunately don't have the time to competitively breed your requested Pokémon or breed for something very rare. Hidden Abilities that are event-based or otherwise difficult to find may be deemed unavailable as I'm going off my personal collection.
➤➤ I deliver tradeable items as well! If you're looking for a hard-to-find item, I can offer it!
➤➤ This thread is run by my personal availability. This means that I cannot accept requests, work, or offer trades while I am asleep or otherwise busy/offline during my day-to-day life.
➤➤ I reserve the right to deny trades to people. Keep in mind that I deliver reasonable requests to reasonable people.
➤➤ The things I ask for only depend on what you have available to offer, though I do have an established system. The more complex or difficult requests will require more, perhaps a specific Pokémon or item, while with very simple or easy requests, I'll typically ask for nothing in return at all.
➤➤ Time Zone: Pacific Standard (UTC-8)
➤➤ PokéBeach Username: VioletValkyrie / Discord tag: Violet#4548 (subject to change)
➤➤ 3DS Friend Code: 0447-9653-8779 (Violet) / In-game name: Violet

Public trades are OPEN! They have been open since 11/17/2018.
Please leave requests down below!​