TCG Fakes Vigilia Somnium [Waking Dreams]

Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by sandragon13, Feb 10, 2021.

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    Title card thread is under construction - this is a placeholder. Next post will be the first subset which will probably be finished before the title card thread since the content is done already.

    Just as a quick FYI, the set code is VSO, it is based on Sun/Moon era, and contains 142 official cards plus several secret rares. The Pokemon/Trainer/Energy split is still being fine-tuned but will be Pokemon-dominant to a large degree, with a comparatively small number of Trainers and few, if any, Energy cards. In terms of typing, Pokemon can be any TCG type that any of their in-game types has been represented by. For example, pure Poison-types have been Grass-, Psychic-, and Darkness-typed cards, so Poison/Fighting typed Toxicroak could be a Grass-, Psychic-, Darkness-, or Fighting-typed card.

    The set image only currently exists in a tiny form suitable for application on cards. It will be upsized properly in the future.
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    I can't see the cards you have created, they all have a red X on them.
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    Here's the set as uploaded so far. There are nearly 100 more cards to post, so this is just an introduction.

    Edit: updated the above cards with text and graphical fixes, new link provided.
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