Video: Preview of 'Sun' and 'Moon' Anime


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Once again, I can't go anywhere on the Internet without seeing people getting salty about the anime.

But anyway...

"The animation in the preview is a little rough, but this is usually the case with previews for upcoming generations." This is very reassuring. The animation was pretty much the only thing I could find wrong with this preview. I feel like my opinion is in the minority here, but I actually rather like the idea of Ash attending a Pokémon school. The writers could potentially do a lot of interesting things with this concept, so I'm really quite looking forward to seeing what they do for this season.

Sure, it's probably not going to be as great as XY&Z is, but what I'm saying is that I'm going to watch this new season with an open mind. That, I think, is the smartest decision I can make. I can only hope that others will be doing the same.

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So, the end of XY&Z means the end of the anime for most of us.

This new thing is just silly. R.I.P pokemon anime, you used to be cool, guy...


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Ok, unpopular opinion here but...I like this new artstyle. It feels a lot more anime-esque than previous seasons.

Also the concept of Ash going to school sounds hilarious, but it could be good. Tbh I've kinda wanted a Pokemon series kind of like a slice of life school anime and it looks like I got my wish. I mean, they're taking a new direction with the anime like how they're taking a whole bunch of new directions with the games which, let's face it, is pretty overdue.


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You think the new art style is them saying Ash is getting older finally or they just trying to mess it up like Cartoon Network did every decent show we used to watch as kids?*cough*TeenTitans*cough*

Not just Teen Titans, but PowerPuff Girls too


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Personally, I would think these graphics are NONSENSE. Being watching all the BW, XY, XYZ Episodes, this is weird, ASH IN A POKEMON SCHOOL?? ARE YOU SERIOUS, Yes that's right, the first season will be ash in a pokemon school. *facepalms* Lets hope that it gets better as time goes. I think the Pokémon Generations Mini-Shorts will be better than this. Also look back at XY. The characters were WAY BETTER than this.


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Hold up, I just realized something.

On the poster shown on Serebii, you can see Team Rocket with a Bewear and a Mimikyu. James has traditionally been paired with very affectionate Pokémon (Cacnea and Carnivine, and Inkay to a lesser extent), and Jessie seems to be favoring Ghost-types nowadays (she had a Frillish and a Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist). Team Rocket's newest partners confirmed?


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Unpopular opinion: I actually like the new animation style. I feel like its looser, softer, and more energetic compared to the usual "stiff" feeling Pokemon usually has. It gives it almost more of a "slice of life" feel, with battling, which may almost be the direction they're leaning towards if hes going to school now. He might not have traditional traveling companions, but more of a school setting. Who knows.

Im going to go into it with an open mind, and judge it based on a few episodes, not the very first preview clip I see.

The only thing I can say that Im very disappointed with, is Serena not sticking with him. I really thought she was the endgame traveling companion, she had character development, a story, and they could have done so much more with her.
The plus side is, Pokemon is throwing curveballs at us left and right. They're becoming almost unpredictable now with what they could be planning, for all we know, Serena could still make a comeback later on in the season. It might not be likely, but you never know.

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Pokemon company-" In the next series of pokemon, you will be following ash on a journey... to concur school!" *Crowd screams in pain.


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Ash looks like 8 years old... XYZ was good but with this, they definitely killed the anime... pls give us something serious like Origins or Generations.


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The animation and art style kind of reminds me of the 1st Digimon movie. Not to trigger anyone but I'm just saying, they look pretty similar...


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I personally have very little feelings for the anime. I liked it when I was like 6, but I kind of lost interest after a while. I believe I stopped watching it around episode 14, when I was told that Ash would never do the sane thing and evolve his electric rat after it had learned a decent Electric-type move. Ah well.

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I hate this Ash now. He looks derpy and more monkey-looking, and what's this? Ash is going to school? Come on, guys. We lose our likeness and awesomeness of Ash Ketchum, and his dream to become a Pokemon Master is OVER?? Come on! I'm starting to hate it! Generations (not the TCG set) mini-series is better than that.

DISCLAIMER: Sorry, guys if you offended onto my comment. I defenitely hate this "Alolan Ash".


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A little? They can't even get Pikachu's face right. Just look at Ice Espeon's avatar.

On the topic of the actual anime, I never really liked it that much in the beginning, and now they're bringing it to an all-new low of school. You can tell they're trying to make it more relatable to school children. Ten-year olds roaming the world with cool monsters? Nope! You can go study up and get straight As, and then we'll talk. Watch there be an entire story arc on Ash failing a math test and having the Serena and Clemont replacements help him understand the concept better! I'm at a loss for words on what to say. We'll just have to see when episodes start airing.
MATH TESTS?!?! Please. No. Don't bring my least favorite subject into Pokemon. Please. NO.


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They messed this one up badly, also, it appears ash will be taking one of his Tarous with him, his Mom also comes with him