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    This video is the first in a series I am working on about the designs of Pokemon from different generations, and how designs have changed as time goes on. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic - are there any points that you think I missed or got wrong? Is there anything you would like to see in future videos regarding later generations? And more generally, what do you think about Gen 1 designs, and what are your favorite generations from a design perspective?

    Also, the forum made me choose a prefix, and I wasn't sure what to pick, because there wasn't a "video" option. But videos are creative work, right? If there is somewhere better for me to post this, let me know. Thanks!
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    Hey everybody, this is part 2 of my evolution of Pokemon series, and builds off of my previous post. In this part I look at how Gen 2 designs differ from Gen 1, and how it was influenced by culture and technology.

    As always, I would love to hear your opinions on the topic. Were there any points that you disagree with, or any trends that I missed? Also, my next video will be on Generation 3, so if there are any design trends you want me to feature in that video let me know!

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    WHAT? I just watched one of your videos the other day. Nice!
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    Well, I guess I'll post the new entry in this thread (even though the title only says Generation 1, so it might get confusing haha). Here is my video on Generation 3!

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    Part 4 of the series!

    While the majority of the detail is in the video, here are a few of the main points.

    Major themes: Legends and Mythology - This generation introduces the creation myths, has more legendary Pokemon than any other before it, and the starters are all legendary themed

    Higher level of detail on average - Pokemon this generation tend to be more detailed, and have a higher number of colors

    Common details include spikes and stripes

    Common colors include grey and mid-tone blues, often with red and yellow accents. More muted pallet overall compared to Gen 3
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    In this fifth installment we will take a look at the design of Pokemon in Generation 5 - Black and White. As always, I examine the themes of this generation, as well as common design trends among these Pokemon to see how they have changed from previous generations.

    Summary of some of the major trends:

    Many Pokemon that fill similar roles to previous generations (particularly Gen 1)

    Willingness to be a little weirder and goofier than most of the previous generations

    Focus on diversity with the human characters - starters represent different cultures

    Theme of opposites, truth vs ideals
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    Part 6 - Pokemon X and Y

    Most of the info is in the video, but here is a quick summary

    New region is Kalos - based on France, with a theme of beauty

    Starter theme is RPG character archetypes

    Introduces new fairy type - common features include use of the color pink, association with magic, folklore, and the moon

    Introduces Mega Pokemon - often have very complicated, bold designs

    Biggest trend is simplification and rounding of designs, including more round edges and simpler eye styles

    Move to 3D models resulted in less saturated colors for most Pokemon

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