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Trades [USA-CA] beebahboo Returns!

Discussion in 'Buy, Trade, & Sell' started by beebahboo, May 31, 2018.

  1. beebahboo Collector


    Hello all!
    I have been away from PokeBeach for quite some time and am pleased to be back!
    If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to message me.
    Thank you for stopping by! :D

    Right now I am trying to complete my Shining Legends set. If I manage to do so, this will be the first set I've ever completed!
    I am very close, so I figured I would try to trade for what I need before spending even more money on this set. :oops:


    - Send 1 card in 1 sleeve inside of 1 top loader.
    - Do NOT tape top loaders closed!
    - Mailing in a regular envelope is fine.
    - I'd really like for the top loader to be wrapped in a piece of paper, but not required.
    - Don't send me anything other than the card(s) agreed upon. I do not need random junk cards, business cards, etc.
    - Behave in a respectable, mature manner.

    - I will send 1 card in 1 sleeve inside of 1 top loader.
    - If multiple cards are involved, I will put the top loaders in an appropriately sized plastic bag.
    - I will wrap the top loader in a piece of 8x11 paper.
    - I will mail cards in plain, white envelopes.
    - I will mail cards as soon as possible (this should always be next day).
    - I consider all cards I trade to be NM. I won't trade a card that doesn't meet my standards.
    - My cards are pulled from packs and placed in sleeves.
    - I avoid touching the foil on cards as much as possible, if not entirely.
    - I treat and package cards with care and respect.
    - I will provide pictures of cards on request.

    wilyfungi [x2]


    I see no reason to put the set name next to every card, cards can quickly and easily be looked up by number.

    Shining Volcanion 27/73
    Shining Jirachi 42/73
    Shining Rayquaza 56/73
    Mewtwo GX 72/73
    Mewtwo GX 78/73

    Haves (not as much as I thought :():
    Entei GX 10a/73
    Shining Ho-Oh SM70
    Raichu GX 29/73 [x2]
    Mewtwo GX 39/73 [x2]
    Shining Arceus 57/73
    Entei GX 71/73
    Lycanroc GX 156/145
    Noivern GX 99/147
    Lysandre 104/106
    Pokemon Fan Club 106/106
    Shaymin 7/73 [H x1, RH x2]
    Manaphy 25/73 [RH x2]
    Raikou 32/73 [H x2, RH x1]
    Zekrom 35/73 [x3]
    Latios 41/73
    Marshadow 45/73 [H x3, RH x1]
    Hoopa 55/73 [x4]
    Alolan Raticate 82/147 [RH x3]
    Kingdra 31/147 [RH]
    Weavile 86/147 [RH]
    Crabominable 74/147 [RH]
    Cacturne 6/111 [RH]
    Alolan Sandslash 29/156 [RH]
    Alolan Marowak 12/131 [RH]
    Chandelure 13/145 [RH]
    Lucario 71/147 [RH]

    I also have the following C/UC reverse holos:
    Breloom 5/73
    Stunfisk 46/73
    Incineroar 17/73
    Spiritomb 47/73
    Totodile 18/73
    Scraggy 50/73
    Croconaw 19/73
    Voltorb 30/73
    Lillie 62/73
    Togedemaru 47/147
    Crabrawler 73/147
    Electabuzz 42/147
    Tynamo 44/147
    Inkay 89/147

    I will update frequently! :)

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  3. GameOwl I play Pokemon. Can you tell?


    Hello! I have the Shining Rayquaza 56/73 and Mewtwo GX 72/73. They are both in good condition, and if I were to guess I think they would be in Near Mint. I am interested in the Lycanroc GX 156/145. Shining Rayquaza is valued at $5.66 on TCGplayer and Mewtwo GX is valued at $4.20. Lycanroc GX is worth $9.96. I can send pictures if you would like. Thanks!

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