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In Search Of [US] specific Secret Rares & Pokemon Trading Figure Game materials

Discussion in 'Buy, Trade, & Sell' started by Merovingian, Jan 25, 2020.

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    I'm looking to cement the max rarity Energy section of my casual deck, and I'm looking for the following:

    - 4 - SR Lana's Fishing Rod
    - 3 - SR Draw Energy
    - 2 - SR Recycle Energy
    - 1 - SR Counter Energy

    I am also looking to start collecting the OLD Pokemon Trading Figure game. I'm just starting so anything between figures, cards, mats, poison/paralysis counters. I'm all for whatever I can get my hands on at this point as long as condition is good and the figures spin well.

    As for what I have:

    - 1 - Quick Ball (Mysterious Treasures, wear around the perimiter of card, I can provide pictures)
    - 1 - Dimension Valley
    - 1 - Pikachu FA (Radiant Collection)
    - 2 - Professor Sycamore (Full Art)
    - 2 - Mew (FCO)
    - 2 - Marshadow (UNB Reverse Holo)
    - 1 - Torkoal (CEC 237/236 FA)
    - 5 - Pikachu (CEC 241/236 FA)
    - 1 - Welder (Regional Promo)

    I'm also looking into buying collections of the Trading Figure Game, but that's going to need to be discussed as that market is super niche and I'm still trying to get a bearing as to what goes for what.

    Any questions, ask away!

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