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Trades [US ONLY] Ultra Prism and other Sun & Moon

Discussion in 'Buy, Trade, & Sell' started by Newwaverap, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Newwaverap Aspiring Trainer


    Hi guys, we recently went through all of our Pokémon card collection and here is a list of what we have for trade. We have tons of bulk from Ultra Prism, common, uncommon, holo, etc. We also have Sun and Moon, Crimson Invasion, Burning Shadows, Shining Legends bulk. We are willing to entertain the idea of trading bulk for what we need. When I say we have tons of bulk we mean hundreds of duplicates.

    Here is what we have:

    Ultra Prism
    Pokémon Fan Club (full art)
    Cynthia (full art)
    Lillie (full art)
    Volkner (full art)
    Looker (full art)
    Super Boost Energy (Prism)
    Darkrai (Prism)
    Girarían (Prism)
    Lunala (Prism)
    Palkia GX (101/156)
    Palkia GX (147/156)
    Dialga GX (100/156)
    Silvally GX (116/156)
    Silvally GX (90/156)
    Silvally GX (108/156)
    Glaceon GX (141/156)
    Leafeon GX (13/156)
    Solgaleo GX (173/156)

    Crimson Invasion
    Regirock (Pokémon League 53/111)

    Lucario (SM54)
    Golisopod (SM52)
    Tapu Koko (SM30)
    Silvally (SM91)
    Xerneas EX (XY07)
    Zoroark GX (SM84)
    Buzzwole GX (SM69)
    Lucario GX (SM100)
    Dhelmise (SM53)

    Fates Collide
    Alakazam EX (117/124)

    Guardians Rising
    Alojan Vulpix (21A/145)

    Garbodor (57/122)

    Steam Siege
    Volcanion EX (26/114)

    What I am missing from Ultra Prism is:
    Rampardos (reverse holo)
    Lana (full art)
    Leafeon (rainbow)
    Glaceon (rainbow)
    Xurkitree (rainbow)
    Celesteela (rainbow)
    Dusk Mane Necrozma GX (rainbow)
    Escape Board (secret rare)
    Missing Clover (secret rare)
    Unit Energy (secret rare 170/156)
    Unit Energy (secret rare 171/156)

    Crimson Invasion
    Buzzwole GX (rainbow)

  2. Jadethepokemontrainer Ready for anything!

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  3. Marzana Aspiring Trainer


    Hello! I'm interested in your FA Lillie and Leafeon GX. Would you be willing to trade both for Leafeon GX rainbow?
  4. Newwaverap Aspiring Trainer


    Hi, thank you for the reply. In looking at the value for the cards in question I see that Lillie Full Art is about a $30 card while Leafeon GX is about $3 and the Leafeon GX Secret Rare is about $15 so I’m not sure this is a good deal for us unfortunately. I will update tonight with all our new trade stuff.
  5. Marzana Aspiring Trainer


    I recently got secret rare buzzwole gx from crimson invasion, I'm still interested in your FA Lillie from ultra prism, do you by chance have FA gladion from crimson invasion?
  6. The Golden Mewtwo That guy who plays a counter deck
    The Golden Mewtwo


    Hello, cml for FA Cynthia, zoroark gx, and FA pokemon fan club

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