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Trades [US ONLY] [H] PSA Shadowless Charizard, Arita Autograph, [W] Autographed Cards

Discussion in 'Buy, Trade, & Sell' started by bbqcat, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. bbqcat Aspiring Trainer


    Hello everyone!

    All of my cards are in M/NM, pack fresh to double sleeve condition. There may be 1 or 2 cards in the binder that are LP, but I will recheck every cards condition when someone shows interest.

    Feel free to make offers and I will PM you!

    PSA Cards:

    PSA Cards Imgur Link: https://imgur.com/a/gQIPyhv

    -Mitsuhiro Arita JPN Autographed Aquapolis Kingdra (non-holo)

    -Shining Magikarp PSA 5

    -JPN banned Misty's Tears PSA 5

    -JPN banned Koga's Ninja Trick PSA 8

    -JPN banned Rocket's Grimer PSA 9

    -JPN banned Sabrina's Gaze PSA 10

    -Shadowless Blastoise PSA 5

    -Shadowless Venusaur PSA 5

    -Shadowless Venusaur PSA 3

    -1st Ed. Jungle Pikachu PSA 10

    -Not Pictured: PSA 8 Red Cheeks Shadowless Pikachu

    -Not Pictured: Shadowless Charizard PSA 8

    -Not Pictured: Base Set Alakazam PSA 8

    -Not Pictured: JPN CD Promo Charizard PSA 10

    -Not Pictured: JPN CD Promo Blastoise PSA 10

    -Not Pictured: JPN CD Promo Venusaur PSA 10

    -Not Pictured: JPN CD Promo Porygon PSA 8 (The words "sports authenticated" are removed from the back of the case. I was using nail polish remover to clean residue from a price sticker and I accidentally cleaned too much :p)


    (I apologize for the glare in the upper right hand corner, please ask if you need any clarification.)

    (Crossed out cards have been sold)

    Binder Imgur Link: https://imgur.com/a/355WkF9

    -Not Pictured: Ultra Necrozma GX FA 127/131

    Want List:

    -High Priority (pref PSA authenticated): Also looking for the following autographs on Pokemon cards of: Tajiri, Sugimori, and Masuda

    -Blaziken GX FA Celestial Storm 153/168

    -Stakataka GX FA Celestial Storm 159/168

    -Rainbow Brush Celestial Storm 182/168

    -Charizard EX Dragon 100/97

    -PSA 1st Ed. English Charizard Base Set 5-8

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