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Trades [US ONLY] Dragon Majesty for Base Set/Jungle/Fossil


Aspiring Trainer
Hello everyone! I am really glad I found this forum! I am older and do not know too many people to trade with. I recently got back in to collecting. When I was younger Pokémon was amazing and I loved the base set/jungle set/fossil set. I recently started buying Dragon Majesty booster packs and have a decent collection (see below). These were all immediately sleeved and in perfect condition. I have many multiples of rare holos I'd like to trade as well as any non multiples I have from the Dragon Majesty set. Basically, I started collecting new cards and realized I want to start collecting vintage cards. I am looking to trade for any base set (preferred the most)/jungle set/fossil set.

I understand the rules and have read the sticky thread. I will send first. Thanks!

Dragon Majesty

Charmander (Multiples)
Charmeleon (Multiples and x 2 Reverse Holo)
Charizard (Holo)
Torchic (Multiples and x 1 Reverse Holo)
Combusken (Multiples)
Blaziken x 2 (Holo)
Victini x 2 (Prizm Star)
Darumaka (Multiples)
Darmanitan (Multiples)
Heatmor (Multiples)
Reshiram GX x 2
Litten (Multiples)
Salandit (Multiples and x 1 Reverse Holo)
Salazzle (Multiples and x 1 Reverse Holo)
Horsea 15/70 (Multiples)
Horsea 16/70 (Multiples)
Kingdra GX
Magikarp (Multiples)
Gyarados x 2 (Holo)
Lapras (Multiples)
Totodile (Multiples)
Croconaw (Multiples and x 1 Reverse Holo)
Feraligatr x 2 (and x 1 Reverse Holo)
Wooper (Multiples)
Quagsire (Multiples)
Corsola (Multiples)
Feebas (Multiples and x 1 Reverse Holo)
Milotic (Multiples and x 1 Reverse Holo)
Phione (Multiples)
Wishiwashi (Multiples)
Trapinch (Multiples)
Hydreigon x 3 (Holo)
Dratini 34/70 (Multiples and Reverse Holo)
Dratini 35/70 (Multiples and Reverse Holo)
Dragonair (Multiples)
Dragonite GX
Vibrava (Multiples and x 1 Reverse Holo)
Flygon (Multiples and x 1 Reverse Holo)
Altaria x2 (Holo and x 1 Reverse Holo)
Bagon (Multiples)
Shelgon (Multiples)
Druddigon (Multiples)
Zekrom x 5 (holo and x 1 Reverse Holo)
Kyurem x 3 (Holo)
Zygarde (Multiples and x 1 Reverse Holo)
Turtonator (Multiples)
Drampa (Multiples and x 1 Reverse Holo)
Jangmo-o (Multiples)
Hakamo-o (Multiples)
Kommo-o x 3 (Holo and x 2 Reverse Holo)
Kangasthan (Multiples)
Swablu 56/70 (Multiples)
Swablu 57/70 (Multiples and x 2 Reverse Holo)
Blaine's Last Stand x 3 (Holo)
Dragon Talon (Multiples and x 1 Reverse Holo)
Fiery Flint (Multiples)
Lance (Prizm Star)
Switch Raft (Multiples and x 2 Reverse Holo)
Wela Volcano Park (Multiples)
Zinnia (Multiples)
Dragon Talon 75/70 (Secret Rare Gold)
Latias x 4
Latios x 4
Naganadel GX (PROMO SM125 came with elite trainer box)
Metal Energy (Multiples and x 2 Holo)
Fighting Energy (Multiples)
Psychic Energy (Multiples)
Lightning Energy (Multiples)
Fairy Energy (Multiples and Holo)
Dark Energy (Multiples)
Grass Energy (Multiples)
Fire Energy (Multiples)
Water Energy (Multiples)

I also have everything that was included with the Dragon Majesty Elite Trainer Box.

Extra cards to trade

Mr Mime GX
Hau Trainer Reverse Holo


Aspiring Trainer
I'm interested in that Lance card you have there. I'm working on a modified Garchomp deck so if you had other cards not listed here (looking at YOU Alolan Vulpix!) or unopened packs I'd be willing to trade accordingly. I may modify what I'm looking for here if I see another card that catches my eye.
To recap:

I want:
2x Dragon Talon

I have:
1 x Blastoise
3 x Pokemon Breeder (1st gen and 2 x normal)
4 x Mr. Mime (one holo, one 1st gen and one normal)
3 x Atricuno (normal)

All cards are in great condition and have been chilling in a deck box since the last time I payed (pre 2000).

Tyler Beta

Fookin' laser sights!!!!
I have a ton of Fossil and Jungle cards. I could trade some if you interested. Hit me up in my Inbox if you're interested