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We’ve received more information about upcoming Japanese sets and products.
Dark Phantasma will see the release of a deck box and card sleeves featuring Hisuian Zoroark, which means it will indeed be the mascot of the set. We will see it as both a Pokemon V and VSTAR. The set will release on May 13th. The set name is thus referring to Zoroark’s phantom illusions.



As we already knew, Lost Abyss will feature Giratina’s Origin Forme; we’ll see it as both a Pokemon V and VSTAR. We’ve now learned the set will release on July 15th. We haven’t seen the set’s product sheet yet, so we’re still waiting to see if it will feature the Lost Zone (as the name implies).


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If they are giving some extra VMAX than expected, can Machamp, Hatterene and Melmetal got their Gigantamaxs finally?
They could've done in these decks but decided to go with other pokémon, so I really think they don't intend to release any of those forms.


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That zoroark is shmexy, I wouldn't know about it because I haven't played the game yet... 😅