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The Pokemon Company International and Millennium Print Group have produced an internal video showing how English Pokemon card are designed and printed. The video leaked to the Internet a few months ago, but we’ve now learned it doesn’t contain proprietary information. It was originally intended for employees. The Pokemon community has never seen a video of this process, let alone one this detailed.

TPCi receives sets lists from Creatures, the makers of the Japanese TCG. The lists are within an Excel file and show if a card has new text or artwork. TPCi arranges the cards into a new Excel file to create the English set list.



From here, translation work begins. TPCi...

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Even if aspects of this are bit mundane for a job, it's fascinating to see the entire process!

Also, got an absolute kick out of both "Prism Prison" and "Imprismed" as potential set names.


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This is also great for scammers to improve the quality of their fake cards.
Why? When people seem happy enough to buy their crap as it is =/

I find it quite amusing that their photoshop/editing files and layouts are the same way I do mine (or as close to).


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I like the choice of GTA V music in the video.

(Which could acceptably be applied to the 2020 era of scammers and conmen clawing to the forefront.)



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That was really cool to look at! I do wish we could get a look into the game design of PTCG, similarly to Magic, but there is the matter of language and cultural barriers. :/


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What an incredibly beautiful video. Theme Decks/Battle Decks are so often disregarded by the collector community but seeing the detail and amount of art that goes in to these is just beautiful. Those giant embossing/impression machines are incredible!