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Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Artemis, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. The Almighty Bidoof Just your everyday MtF trans Bidoof worshipper
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    That's not why I or many others are buying it. The dexit fiasco doesn't affect me anyway and everything from the visuals to the gameplay looks amazing. No need to create an "us vs. them" mentality here. Some people are excited for what the new game has to offer, some don't

  2. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    Well, I was excited, just don't care much for a 3ds game on the Switch. Its clear to me they aren't putting much effort into the game.
  3. The Almighty Bidoof Just your everyday MtF trans Bidoof worshipper
    The Almighty Bidoof


    You said it proves we'd buy anything Pokemon puts out. Which simply isn't true. I'm buying the game because it looks incredible
  4. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    Yeah, I stand for that. The game has graphics that look like they were pulled from the N64, reuses the same models and animations from the last game and looks visually like an upscaled 3DS game without the sprite shader those games use. It removes many features from the game most fans had zero issue with, like Mega Evolution for an example. Now none of this wouldn't matter if they didn't say they did all of the above because they were making animations and graphics better, which they aren't so yeah, you guys will buy anything.

    At the end of the day, its your money and you can do whatever you want. This is America. One of the great things about this country. You can grill, drink a ice cold beer and shoot some guns, then jump a truck and no one will care but let me tell you one thing. You work hard for your money like the rest of us do. I work over 60 hours a week, including most weekends so I want the product I'm spending money on to be the it can be. Keep in mind this is a 60 dollar game. The Switch has Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, which did a lot to move 3D Mario game forward, despite me speaking crap about the game and Mortal Kombat 11, which not only looks good but is easily the most detailed, best looking and easily the best game in the series - all of which exist on the Switch. Pokemon Sword and Shield should be held up to those standard but Pokemon Battle Revolution, a game on the Wii, looks much better than what is considered a next-gen Pokemon game.

    There should be absolutely zero reason why Charizard is still shooting fire from the top of his head or why the double kick animation is still just a hop with two human footprints appearing over the opponent and you have the audacity to tell me "it looks incredible" when the game is practically shovelware. Like I said before, its your money so you can do whatever you want but for me personally, if Pidgeot isn't in the game, I wont be buying it.

    That's the end of my druck rant.
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    I think the card game is a much better example of the greed of the pokemon company - the game is getting worse basically with every rotation, there are now a billion types of secret rares for no real reason, and since kids and casual fans love "over 9000 damage for a billion energies" type of cards they decided to neuter the game (even more) in order to make these sort of cards actually viable. It probably also makes tournament matches go by a lot faster, especially in Japan's best of 1 format.

    At least you can get enjoyment out of playing the video games casually (since pokemon will always be a game designed for single player casual gaming first and foremost, no matter how some people might try to make it look like an e-sport) but what's the point of playing a game casually that was only designed (even if badly) to be played against an opponent? Nothing. And if the competitive quality of said 1v1 game plumments then that completely eradicates the point of the game's existence.
    The pokemon company refuses to change and improve the card game because it brings in a lot of $$ no matter what and a lot of players just eat it up every rotation and say "oh well, that's just how power creep is" or "oh well, the format is just getting more condensed" etc.
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  6. Card Slinger J #BringBackNationalDex
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    The biggest problem with Sword & Shield is really the overall quality of the games. Expectations constantly rise with time and technology, as the hardware gets stronger and is capable of more and more, fans expect the developers to take advantage of the improvements to justify buying the new hardware. What's being labeled as "high expectations" for Pokémon is just par for the course in the console market, the problem is that Game Freak is playing catch up because they've been living in a handheld bubble for 20 years and now that they're on console they're just starting to see how much is really expected of a modern day retail game.

    A lot of the things they're struggling with have become standards for years, so it's really hard to have much sympathy for them. They just seem to be ill-prepared for the transition to console. Game Freak can't keep playing a zero sum game like this forever. Pokémon will be so far behind that no one will want to buy it anymore, especially not for $60 on a modern day console. At some point they have to scale up their resources to adapt to the console environment, they need to put more time and/or manpower into these games to make the ambitious, high end console game the industry expects of them.
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  7. Secret Agent Seal Aspiring Trainer
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    I don't think Game Freak are actually capable of delivering the kind of experience that fans expect. It's hard to see why this is, considering that Pokemon is the largest media franchise in the world (greater than Mario, a consistently fantastic series). I would love for Nintendo to purchase Pokemon in its entirety, take the reigns and re-invent the series similar to Zelda's BOTW. I mean geez, the last Pokemon title I found genuinely impressive was BW2, released as far back as 2012.

    Anyway since SwSh started dropping I guess the GF hate train has been moving full steam ahead. So here are some opinions which might actually be unpopular:

    1) Pokemon Let's Go had the right philosophy when it came to simplifying certain aspects of the battle system (too bad it removed the wrong things). I don't feel that IVs and natures add anything to gameplay unless you enjoy grinding for hours hatching eggs. And you could probably remove half of the moves and items in the game and nobody would notice / care.

    2) The 3D models in Pokemon Stadium / Colloseum are far superior to Pokemon XY onwards. They are obviously lower resolution, but they're so much more vibrant compared to the lifeless 3DS models. Pokemon such as Salamence, Nidoking and Wailord got completely shafted.

    3) Alder is the best champion. Or rather, the only champion that has any degree of personality. Cynthia is a textbook Mary Sue and is grossly overated.

    4) I don't mind the limited Pokedex (just GF's crappy justification for it). I'm actually excited to see how a metagame develops if things like Landorus-T are unavailable. One of the reasons I enjoyed BW1 so much is because the limited Pokedex made it feel like a fresh experience.

    5) Not serious: Legends should just... go all out and have outrageous stats. Like +2000 BST. Feels weird that I can have a God-like entity such as Rayquaza taken out by Delibird's Ice Shard.
  8. Ephemera Faerie of the Viridian Forest


    Personally, I don't think the limited Pokédex in SwSh is as bad of a problem as we think it is.

    Of course, it definitely shows that less effort/foresight/care was put into the development of the game.
    Still, the game could just not have been made at all, so I'll take it.
    And if my favorites aren't in the Pokédex in favor of overdone typical usual Pokémon, I'll shake my fists, but end up playing anyway.
    We, as the players, inevitably have to adjust to the developers. We can protest, but in the end, it is the developers' prerogative on what to do about our protests.

    I might be somewhat skewed with my opinion, because I play Nuzlocke style, so I never get to use my favorites anyway, and have new favorites every game.
  9. judda94 Aspiring Trainer


    Sun & Moon were poor games. The rivals sucked. The legendaries were boring and there were far too many of them. Not having gyms was bad.
    Graphics for Sword and Shield look really bad and when we have games like Breath of the Wild on switch there is no excuses for that.
    Chopping down the number of Pokemon in the game isn't a bad thing, if you cant choose a team from 600 you've got problems.
  10. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    The first two are common opinions.
    For the 3rd, you don't even get a choice of 600 because most people use fully evolved and Legendary Pokémon for competitive and even then some aren't viable.
  11. Ephemera Faerie of the Viridian Forest


    Ah, I haven't gotten the chance to play Sun and Moon yet, but I thought the concept was good and would love to play them.
    So, yeah, I like Sun/Moon. I expect this is unpopular though, haha.
  12. SableyeGuy Creating the future big brian BDIF...


    1- I think swsh graphics looks nice
    2- Why are we able to make curry though?
    3- Gen 7 was one of if not, THE, best gen (I’m probably just very biased)
    4- I like vanilite line
    5- Shiny Pokémon are stupid and not worth it to hunt for, just for some colors
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  13. McKendra9123 Trio Master: Dark, Poison & Fire Trainer


    1. Gen 5 and onward should have stuck with the trio main game concept. Example: Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.
    2. Gen 4 remakes should have been made by now.
    3. Gen 2 had one major flaw: not having a Dark-type Gym Leader like they had for the Steel-type.
    4. More Eeveelutions should have been made long ago by now. And during Gen 2, 4 & 6, should have a trio of Eeveelutions, like how it started in Gen 1. A Steel Eeveelution should have been included.
    5. Certain PoKémon should or shouldn't have had Mega Evolutions. And each Gym Leader and Elite Four Member should of had a Mega Evolution PoKémon, but the PoKémon in question should have come from Kalos as a native PoKémon.
    6. Kalos Dex should have been bigger with more original PoKémon.
    7. Ash needs to start seriously catching more PoKémon. Aside all that stuff from the original season about catching them all is a big lie. Don't wanna be in my 70s when he finally catches them all. And all his PoKémon should be fully evolved.
    8. Team Rocket should be able to carry around all there current PoKémon with them and some oldies. Meowth should be able to evolve while still being able to speak and use Pay Day.
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  14. SableyeGuy Creating the future big brian BDIF...


    Meowth, not mewtwo right?
  15. McKendra9123 Trio Master: Dark, Poison & Fire Trainer


    Thanks for catching that for me. Guess I overlooked it when I was fixing up earlier. Got it fixed now
  16. HolofoilStarmie I need all of the cards


    I don't want to go nuts listing too many things (I do like to try staying positive haha) so I'm going to pick one specific thing that I imagine is probably an unpopular opinion:

    Video games: I thought Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were terrible.
  17. CoverM Aspiring Trainer


    Hello! I'm new here. I don't know too much about this forum, so I might need help in the future.

    I think that Trubbish and Garbodor are cute
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    1. X and Y were insane games-they had epic backstory and epic gameplay
    2. Every game since sucked
    3. The TCG should return to the days when 140HP was the most you could have
    4. Sabrina is the best gym leader and isn't evil
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    This is slightly more recent, and I don't know how unpopular it is (I've seen a lot of negativity towards them, although I've also seen people like them), but I actually really like the Galar fossils, I just find them really awkwardly endearing and imo they have a 'so ridiculous they're good' thing going on. Particularly with Dracovish, I had a real initially-I-hated-it-but-grew-to-love-it thing.

    That being said, I would love to see what they actually looked like and hope we get to see that in whatever the next Galar game turns out to be.
  20. Pokenerd Aspiring Trainer


    My SWSH unpopular opinions:
    -Inteleon is a really good design.
    -Rillaboom is just a gorilla version of chesnaught
    -Boltund's colour scheme is absolutely terrible
    -Galarian Stunfisk is a massive improvement on Unovian Stunfisk and one of the best regional forms
    -Grimmsnarl is a lazy design.
    -Hatterene is a knockoff of Gardevoir
    -Galarian Rapidash is a huge improvement on Kantonian rapidash
    -Pokemon Camp is to much work for the amount of reward and there is very little incentive to even touch the feature.
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