Writing Unown Ruins - Lugia Transformation


The demonic Shadow Lugia/Mystical Raven Witch
First time posting one of my TF stories on here, so I'm a little nervous/anxious to see what other Pokémon fans will think of this. This is a story that I originally posted on my FA page to go along with an image I commissioned - for those interested, this is the image in question.


I'm hoping you'll enjoy this story, I do have other works, though I will have to go through my gallery to find those which match the family-friendly nature of this website (and even with saying that, there are plenty of mon which I will flat-out refuse to do in any mature way). Let me know what you think!

Story (C) Myself
Artwork (C) Nyhgault


“So… this is the site of the ancient ruins that have been causing some commotion as of recent…” Peter thought to himself as he looked down from upon the cliff that sat on the edge of the forest, the silvery light of the full moon cast down upon the ancient grounds. The place looked like it was split into several parts, like it was some kind of long-forgotten Battle Frontier. The silence around it was only routinely penetrated by the chirps of bird Pokémon and the cries of the Pokémon that inhabited the forest he had just left - even the sea around the submerged parts of the ruins were eerily quiet - normally you’d see something like an Alomomola or Feebas in waters like that, among the other aquatic denizens, but there was nothing. The whole place felt like it was frozen in time.

“Right now, nothing seems out of the ordinary…” He thought again as he climbed carefully down the side of the cliff, descending towards the ruins. There had been news and rumors going around as of recent that several people had tried to visit these ruins soon after they were rediscovered by a trainer who had gotten lost, yet hadn’t attempted to explore the ruins himself. As the rumors went, all the trainers that went to explore these ruins never returned, or where a human went in, only a Pokémon came out. It was due to this that people were thinking that the grounds were cursed, or that Arceus was passing Judgment on those who dared trespass on what they considered holy ground. Peter, however, was never one to believe such nonsense, and he felt the only way to find out about this place was to find it himself. He walked towards what he assumed was once the entrance to the ruins, mysterious symbols carved into the rock. On closer inspection, he was able to quickly make out what it said - each word was spelt out by Unown, a mysterious species of Pokémon which resembled each letter of the alphabet. Twenty six variants of them were originally found, ranging from A-Z, whilst two other variants were found at a later point, resembling the punctuation marks ! and ?. Each Unown were characterised aside from their letter-like form by the singular eye they possessed. The text read “Temple of Rebirth”

“Temple of Rebirth? Rebirth in what sense?” He asked no-one considering he was alone, venturing into the temple grounds. Most of the walls and ceilings were gone, unable to withstand the test of time as he looked around, the Unown carvings appearing almost everywhere that he looked. At times they spelt out messages like on the entrance, at other times they spelt out the names of Pokémon. From what he could see, he also noticed the occasional scraps of clothing lying around, as well as the discarded backpacks of travellers. One of the bags had some Poké Balls, which were thankfully empty. Maybe the whole thing about people vanishing were true, but if that was the case, why would their belongings be left intact bar their clothes? That didn’t make too much sense. On top of that, some of the markings looked like they had sustained some damage which appeared to have been done recently. A wall near him looked like it had been struck by a Hyper Beam, the naturally eroded bricks and stone sitting near a pile of fresh dust.

“Looks like some Pokémon might have been set loose in here…” He thought, venturing in deeper. Well, as deep as he could considering most of it was in the open, and some of it was steadily sinking into the ocean. The sounds of waves crashing against the cliffs signalled that he was getting closer towards the sea, water rushing upwards as it came back down like rain. He set foot down the pathway that led towards the ocean, feeling an odd compulsion to head closer to the water. He didn’t know why, but he just felt like there might be something of interest in the part was being reclaimed by the sea. Plus it seemed to be one of the few parts that hadn’t been properly explored yet - maybe because people didn’t want to risk their lives heading into submerged ruins.

Surprisingly, this part of the ruins was one of the few parts which still featured some of the original structure, moonlight being filtered in through cracks in the wall. The sounds of water droplets hitting large bodies of water or splattering against the ground echoed through the tunnel as he pulled out his flashlight, lighting the path ahead of him. Water coated the floor, the sound of his footsteps being slightly muffled by it as he travelled forwards. Around halfway through that tunnel, another sound suddenly filled the area.

‘Find me….find me...awaken me...’ A ghostly voice echoed around him. Peter paused, trying to look around for where the noise was coming from, but he saw nothing. ‘Find me… find me...’

“OK… this is starting to get a tiny bit weird…” He gulped. He felt like turning back and heading back to safer ground, but at the same time, something deep inside him was compelling him to travel deeper, wanting to discover what was calling out to him. The water was rising up slightly, not enough to be anything threatening, however. Eventually, the tunnel led him out towards an external part of the temple, a giant stone platform suspended above the sea, the stairway that led to it invoking images of Sinnoh’s Spear Pillar in his mind. The platform didn’t even look like anything was holding it aloft, like some kind of mystical force was keeping it floating like that. He ascended the stairs, looking out over the sea as he stepped up to the top of the platform. For the most part, most of the structure had held up over the years, only half of it having fallen into the sea, a silhouette of a great throne being cast in front of him. “I wonder who would have ruled from here?” He took careful steps, hoping that the platform wouldn’t cave in beneath him. Given how what he was standing on was being held up by seemingly nothing, he had a feeling that he wouldn’t be taking a swim any time soon.

“Find me...find me...awaken me...revive..the great beast…” The voice echoed again, louder this time. He couldn’t tell where the voice was coming from still, but as before, it was drawing him towards the throne - or particular, something near the throne. There was a large stone pillar set up next to it, one of the few remaining of the ancient structure. A faint, ethereal humming could be heard coming from something next to it, a soft glow shining in the corner of his eyes. He moved towards it, lowering his head as he looked at what was glowing. Just like before, there was a set of Unown carvings, a group of five spelling out the word ‘Lugia’.

“Lugia… the legendary Pokémon of the sea…” He thought, looking at the Unown wording. It was indeed a Pokémon so powerful, its mastery of the sea so great that legends say that a single flap of its wings could cause a 40-day storm. Of course as people have actually studied Lugia, they knew that was false, but its immense power was still nothing to be made light of. He knelt down, reaching out towards the markings, putting his hand softly against the L. The ethereal humming began to grow in loudness and pitch, the markings now glowing more fiercely. It took him by surprise, the bright light making him stumble backwards as a sudden rush of energy flowed through him. “Ack… the hell was all that about?” He gasped, his heart suddenly racing as he got over the burst of energy. “Urgh… what’s going on…” He felt light headed, stumbling back as the sound of his heart beating rang through his ears. His body felt weird, alien to him.

“Free...the beast of the sea….freed…” The voice echoed once more, this time inside his own head. His hands pulsed, throbbing, looking strangely pale. Suddenly, long, elegant, silvery feathers erupted out from his hands and wrists, moving up his arms as well. His arms were becoming broader, the sleeves of his shirt straining as they gained bulk and lengthened, fingers flattening and shifting to be more like large, feathery oars, his thumbs moving towards the insides of his hands as they looked less like human limbs and more like the powerful wings of a legendary Pokémon… a Lugia.

“W..Wings….Lugia wings…” He said, sounding like he was entranced. He was fully aware of what was happening, but the rush of energy and power was intoxicating, and his transformation had only just started. The sleeves strained further as the feathers moved across to his chest and back, the color changing to a light blue down his front, splitting in a V-shape pattern across his upper chest, stopping at the base of his stomach. His stomach gurgled noisily as it swelled, his slim form gaining weight at an alarming speed as his belly pushed forwards, his shirt rolling up over his growing girth. “I’m...ghh...rgghhh…” He stammered, his thoughts clouded by feelings of power and enjoyment, clashing as he ran a hand over his stomach. He was so lost by these feelings that he didn’t notice that he was growing taller throughout all this - he had been just short of six feet tall when it started, but now he was standing past the eight and a half foot mark.

“Rhhh...Llyuuu…” A growl left his throat as he stretched himself, a bump forming on the base of his spine. His shorts were beginning to become tighter, his legs gaining mass and muscle as they shrank slightly, his growing stomach putting more pressure on the fabric as his legs were pushed towards the sides of his altering form, shifting to become better suited to the creature that he was turning into. His toes were bunching up in his shoes, the fabric being stretched and pushed apart, the outsole breaking off as his feet pushed through them and his socks, toes exposed as the digits merged together into three long, flat digits, heels popping upwards as all pressure shifted to the balls of his feet. He kicked off the remnants of his shoes as another growl left his throat. “Llyyuu….Gyyaaahhhh…”

The power that was filling him grew stronger, the expression on his face an odd hybrid of being drunk with power and full of lust. He spread his wings, letting out a small roar as his left wing collided with a nearby column, causing it to collapse. He felt no pain from the impact, the bump on his spine erupting outwards, striking against another wall as it writhed around behind him, forming into a powerful tail, the tip of it lined with two sharp blue spikes. He arched his back, another distorted growl leaving his body as ten broad, flat spines rose up from his back, tearing several holes through his shirt and putting enough strain on it to totally destroy it. The spines stood erect behind him before flattening against his body, rising back up moments later, showing that he had control over them.

There wasn’t much left of him that was human now, a small human head resting on the body of a Lugia which was standing at nearly fifteen feet tall. That didn’t last too much longer, his neck popping and stretching, carrying his head away from his shoulders as it gave his body an extra couple of feet in size. Silver feathers worked their way across his neck and head, his hair falling away in patches as his ears shrank away into tiny holes. A snarl rumbled in his chest as his jaws were thrust forwards, his head reshaping itself as a spiked crest rose up from his skull, his eyes forced towards the sides of his head as his jaws reformed into a large, powerful beak. The tip of it curved down into a point, a pair of external fangs sprouting along the middle as his teeth sharpened into razor fangs, his lower canines the most prominent as his tongue extended to better fit his new beak, hanging from the side of it as he was bathed in the moonlight that shone through the ruins. His transformation ended with sharp blue spikes growing across his eyes, forming a mask of sorts as his irises turned a soft shade of red, pupils pulling into thin slits.

“Lyyuuu…..GGGYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” He threw his head back, a powerful melodic roar leaving his beak as he spread his arms wide, the roar causing the foundation around him to crumble from the sheer force of the roar. He huffed, growling as his mind cleared, allowing him to think again as he looked over himself. His existence as a human was more or less over, looking at the great Lugia he had been turned into by the strange magic that the ruins possessed. He understood now where all the trainers who had explored these ruins had gone - they had each been turned into a Pokémon, and it appeared that some were more luckier than others.

“So I’m a Lugia now… hehe…” He grinned broadly, admiring his new form as he used his giant hands to remove whatever clothing was still clinging to his large form, casting them aside. “Guess I won’t have to worry about having a Pokémon on me at all times that can fly… and speaking of…” He reached for his destroyed shorts, pulling off the belt of Poké Balls on it. There was no way in hell that he was going to leave his team behind, though it would take a little bit of explaining to why their trainer was now a Lugia. He slung his backpack around one of his shoulders, feeling a little snug, but it wouldn’t take him too long to find a place to rest and feed his team, including himself. “I wonder though… what food would a Lugia eat?” He smirked - he assumed fish and meats, but he had a feeling that the plain human food he had packed with him should prove no problem. “I’ll find out all in due time… for now though, I feel like going for a swim!”

He took towards the skies, letting loose another roar that was punctuated by a powerful Aeroblast that struck where he had been standing moments ago, boring a huge hole in the floor. With a great grin, he zoomed towards the water, the waves splashing against his draconic form as he put his new body to the test.