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Standard Unified Minds Necrozma


Aspiring Trainer
4 Necrozma
3 Inkay
3 Malamar
2 Type:Null
2 Silvaly GX
1 Ditto Prism Star
1 Dawn Wings Necrozma GX
1 Dedenne GX

4 Cynthia
3 Lillie
2 Tate and Liza
1 Erika's Hospitality
4 Mysterious Treasure
2 U-Turn Board
2 Water Memory
2 Switch
4 Pokemon Communication
2 PokeNav
2 Viridian Forest
2 PokeGear 3.0
1 Adventure Bag

9 Psychic Energy
1 Weakness Guard Energy
1 Recycle Energy
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Aspiring Trainer
Made a couple of changes to the deck. Really happy how the deck turned out in retrospect. I know U-Turn Board seems a little redundant with Silvally but you aren't always going to have it on the bench.