'Unbroken Bonds,' May's English SM10 Set!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Water Pokémon Master, Jan 9, 2019.

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    If the Turtonator in Mewtwo's deck is the one from Dragon Majesty, I'd be tempted to get that deck with Salazzle in it too.

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    Since my son really wanted to read these deck lists, and we couldn't make out the images on my phone, I went ahead and typed up what I could make out from the laptop, so figured I'd share:

    Battle Mind Theme Deck:
    Mewtwo x2
    Incineroar x2
    Torracat x3
    Litten x3
    Salazzle x2
    Salandit x3
    Darmanitan x2
    Darumaka x3
    Turtonator x2
    Meowth x2
    Cynthia x2
    Fisherman x2
    Hau x4
    Lillie x2
    Looker x2
    Switch x2
    Welder x2
    Fire Energy x15
    Psychic Energy x5

    Lightning Loop Theme Deck:
    Zeraora x2
    Magnezone x2
    Magneton x3
    Magnemite x3
    Raticate x2
    Rattata x3
    Dodrio x2
    Doduo x3
    Stunfisk x2
    Meowth x2
    Cynthia x2
    Fisherman x2
    Hau x4
    Lillie x2
    Looker x4
    Switch x2
    Lightning Energy x20
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    Nicholas C


  4. Wolfshadow Aspiring Trainer


    Captivating pokepuff + Omastar + Honchkrow GX + Dusk Stone? I don't know much about expanded, but adding in Zoroark GX for more consistency and having pokepuff for Omastar's ability? Seems pretty broken to me.

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