'Unbroken Bonds,' May's English SM10 Set!

Oooooo, pair this with Shining Legends Venusaur perhaps? I guess that wouldn't have the accelleration of Malamar (or even that new Porygon-Z).
One reason could be that Pokémon-card.com intended Whimsicott GX to be used as a tech in Gardevoir & Sylveon GX decks. It could be used to search out needed cards and used as a cleaner late in the match to enable the deck to achieve ohkos with Tripple Boost Energy and the accelerated energies from Gardevoir & Sylveon GX.

Uhhh yeah, about that. The biggest allure of Garde&Sylveon-GX is its GX attack, which you can't use anymore if you use Whimsicott to search for cards.
My bad! I posted wrong this time.

Yeah, Pre-Release will be in April 19 to 28.

Kits pre-order are nearly to be closed (Already closed in US and PR).

Preorder closing varies by distributor. For Latin America, closes 3/5, for Spanish kit. Dunno about Brazil.

I think we shall be expecting more ~200 card set in a near future, keeping a quarterly release; instead of almost bi-monthly releases; but shorter card sets, like in Japan.
Both cards looks very interesting.
Now, use Tapu Lele to add a Suppoter from deck to hand, use that supporter, then put Mewtwo and recycle the same supporter back to top of the deck.

Giovanni's (Auto)Exile is very useful for bench self-control. Specially when you're in a pinch, that supporter will help a lot.

Of course, mileage may vary.
Uhhh yeah, about that. The biggest allure of Garde&Sylveon-GX is its GX attack, which you can't use anymore if you use Whimsicott to search for cards.

Personally I believe that the allure of Gardevoir and Sylveon GX is that it has the stats to use a hit-hide-heal tactic. With Choice Helmet and selected Fairy Charms Gardevoir and Sylveon GX is hard to knock out in one hit. Ribombee protects the energy on the bench and the deck has to slots to run a decent number of heal and switch cards. In essence this is a better version of Venusaur and Celebi GX. The GX attack is a nice means to further disrupt the opponent and reduce the likelihood that either Fairy Charm or Choice Helmet is Field Blowered off. However, few decks run Field Blower at the moment and few decks can make consistent and effective use of it.
Oh baby, a Whimsicott GX card! I don't play this game competitively, but I will buy this card for my collection; simply because of how much I love Whimsicott (it is my favorite Pokemon).

That Ability is nuts, perfect for a trickster like Whimsicott; and the attack can really pile up the damage if paired with some sort of Energy Accelerator, and it's GX attack is useful in a pinch.

It'll have it's niche uses, and maybe exist as a rogue deck, but probably won't become a Tier 1 deck by itself. It'll need to be paired up with something that can accelerate the Energies and damage output.
I don't even play the TCG and I wouldn't mind owning a copy of this card. Whimsicott is one of my favorites.
I'm newer to Pokémon tcg and haven't had the pleasures of playing a similar card. Needless to say it looks frustrating to play , especially considering the statistical anomaly surrounding my luck of consistabtly having the dice go against me :p
Put focus sash on it and then Acerola it whenever anything gets through. Proceed to laugh as your opponent attempts to kill Whimsicott for the 3rd time

Bonus points: bring some fairy charms and watch as your opponent scoops

Fine Print: KeoKeo does not endorse, support, or affiliate in any way with anyone who actually succeeds at this. Do not hunt down KeoKeo and burn down their if someone does this to you. pls.