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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Ninjabot 215, Apr 4, 2017.

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    I've been working on this deck for a while now and I want to improve it as much as I can. I intend for it to be/ slowly become a quick setup energy denial deck, hence all the boneheaded Team Skull Grunts and Gumshoos.

    Without further ado... the list:


    2x Umbreon GX (sm 80/149)
    2x Espeon GX (sm 61/149)
    4x Eevee (sm 101/149)
    2x Toxapex (sm 63/149)
    2x Mareanie (sm 62/149)
    1x Gumshoos GX (110/149)
    1x Yungoos (sm 109/149)


    1x Rotom Dex (sm 131/149)
    2x Float Stone (bkt 137/162)
    4x Ultra Ball (fco 113/124)
    2x Poison Barb (sm 124/149)
    2x Professor's Letter (bkt 146/162)
    4x Crushing Hammer (sm 115/149)


    4x Team Skull Grunt (sm 113/149)
    4x Professor Sycamore (bkp 107/122)
    2x Lysandre (aor 78/98)
    2x N (bwp 100)
    2x Professor Kukui (sm 128/149)


    4x Double Colorless Energy
    6x Darkness Energy
    6x Psychic Energy

  2. Ninjabot 215 Beep Boop
    Ninjabot 215


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