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Standard Ultra Beasts / Electrode GX

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by DoctorDoke, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. DoctorDoke Aspiring Trainer


    Hello all! The new Electrode GX has me inspired, and I feel it has some great synergy with the Ultra Beasts. (Especially considering Beast Ring) So, I threw this list together. Not going to lie, I haven't been able to set any matches to test it out personally, but I would still like some criticism on card choices. This is intended to be for the upcoming rotation.

    2-2 Electrode GX (CES)
    2 Oranguru (SUM)
    2 Minior (GRI)
    1 Dhelmise (GRI)
    2 Buzzwole (FLI)
    3 Celesteela (CES)
    1 Pheromosa (FLI)

    3 Ilima
    2 Judge
    2 Sophocles
    2 Tate & Liza
    1 Guzma
    1 Gladion

    4 Ultra Ball
    3 Acro Bike
    3 Order Pad
    3 Choice Band
    2 Rescue Stretcher
    2 Beast Ring
    2 Shrine of Punishment (Also considering Po Town)

    4 Fighting
    2 Metal
    4 Counter Energy
    4 Rainbow Energy
    1 Beast Energy

    The intent of the deck is to use Electrode GX's ability to quickly set up Celesteela's powerful Moon Raker attack. Because Electrode is a GX pokemon it is worth 2 prize cards, this not only sets up perfectly for Beast Ring it also puts Buzzwole's Sledgehammer attack in the range it needs to hit harder Counter Energy also synergizes very well with Electrode GX, if you manage to Extra Energy Bomb early to set up. An important note is that Extra Energy Bomb says energy cards, not basic energy, allowing you to subvert the damage from Rainbow Energy.

    Any help with the list is greatly appreciated.

  2. Mega Mewthree... A new threat has appeared.
    Mega Mewthree...


    I think that you have a great idea here but you may be trying to accomplish to much. Maybe try narrowing down the focus of this deck to just electrode and celesteela. Maybe even play with stakataka. I don't think minor, buzzwole, pheromone are necessary.
  3. DoctorDoke Aspiring Trainer


    Any cards you would suggest replacing them with?
  4. Mega Mewthree... A new threat has appeared.
    Mega Mewthree...


    Celesteela is probably the best thing to go with for the electrodes ability. However, once you have used the ability you can use beast ring to power up GX's such as stakataka GX, kartana, Kartana GX and celesteela GX. Stakataka would also help to keep you celesteela alive longer. If you do decide to go this route and play with multiple ultra beasts, then you may also want to try the ultra beast stadium as a quick way to get out pokemon.
    I hope this helps.

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