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In Search Of [UK-World Wide] Collector Looking for Korean Unlimited Base Set Cards

Discussion in 'Buy, Trade, & Sell' started by james kray-hall, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. james kray-hall Aspiring Trainer
    james kray-hall


    Hello there

    I am looking to complete my set I currently need 29 to complete my Korean unlimited base set and they are:
    1/102 Alakazam
    2/102 Blastoise
    3/102 Chansey
    4/102 Charizard
    5/102 Clefairy
    7/102 Hitmonchan
    9/102 Magneton
    11/102 Nidoking
    13/102 Poliwrath
    15/102 Venusaur
    16/102 Zapdos
    17/102 Beedrill
    18/102 Dragonair
    20/102 Electabuzz
    21/102 Electrode
    25/102 Dewgong
    36/102 Magmar
    38/102 Poliwhirl
    54/102 Metapod
    70/102 Clefairy Doll
    72/102 Devolution Spray
    73/102 Impostor Professor Oak
    75/102 Lass
    76/102 Pokémon Breeder
    77/102 Pokémon Trader
    78/102 Scoop Up
    82/102 Full Heal
    85/102 Pokémon Centre
    86/102 Pokémon Flute
    89/102 Revive
    Please help me complete my set

    Seller must be willing to ship to the UK i dont mind paying shipping and i will pay with paypal goods and services
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