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In Search Of [UK ONLY] Topps Series 3

Discussion in 'Buy, Trade, & Sell' started by Commandant Owl, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. Commandant Owl Aspiring Trainer
    Commandant Owl


    I'm trying to complete a collection of the Topps cards I'm building. I'm currently focusing on completing a blue logo, non-holo set, so I'm currently only interested in cards that meet those criteria. I'm nearly there, but I'm missing some of the more unusual cards, largely from Series 3. I'm missing the following from that series:

    Heroes and Villains:
    HV8 - Brock
    HV10 - Butch
    HV11 - Tracey Sketchit

    Die-cut Embossed Cards:
    EV02 - Kakuna
    EV03 - Beedrill
    EVO4 - Gastly
    EVO5 - Haunter
    EVO6 - Gengar
    EVO8 - Nidorina
    EVO9 - Nidoqueen
    EVO11 - Machoke
    EVO12 - Machamp

    Pop up cards:
    2 - Pikachu
    3 - Tracey
    4 - Misty
    9 - Charizard
    10 - Squirtle

    Clear Cards:
    PC7 - Mew
    PC9 - Scyther
    PC10 - Lapras

    I'm also missing all of the Die-cut Embossed Cards from Series 2:

    EV1 - Caterpie
    EV2 - Metapod
    EV3 - Butterfree
    EV4 - Oddish
    EV5 - Gloom
    EV6 - Vileplume
    EV7 - Abra
    EV8 - Kadabra
    EV9 - Alakazam
    EV10 - Pidgey
    EV11 - Pidgeotto
    EV12 - Pidgeot

    I have a few spares I've built up that I'd be happy to trade, but I'm largely looking/expecting to buy the ones I'm missing. Please shout if you have any questions!

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