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Trades [UK]I want your dogs!

Discussion in 'Buy, Trade, & Sell' started by PupDrake, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. PupDrake Basically Arcanine



    New to the site. I'm looking for cards featuring mostly dog pokemon. Near mint + Arcanines and Growlithes are especially wanted as I'm making my way through collecting them all. English is preference, and I'm not just looking for TCG cards. Topps, Lamincards etc are all wated. Not just looking for dogs too. Incineroar, Zeraora, Beartic, Ursaring, Lucario, Melmetal, and Machoke/Machamp are all on my radar too


  2. Jadethepokemontrainer We're on the edge of greatness~

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  3. Franky357 Aspiring Trainer


    I have these

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