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In Search Of [UK, EU, WW] Japanese Neo 4 Destiny Unown Cards

Discussion in 'Buy, Trade, & Sell' started by pokesamps, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. pokesamps Aspiring Trainer


    Hi all, first time poster here on Pokebeach so I believe a quick introduction is in order. I am based in the UK and have recently rediscovered my love of Pokemon TCG collecting having collected and played with most base, fossil, jungle and team rocket cards as a child in school.

    I've decided to jump back into the hobby now and chose the Neo Destiny set to complete because I love the artwork so much (the Jolteon with the Togepi is probably my favourite card of all time!). I started with the Japanese variety because a) it tends to be cheaper(!) and b) I think the Japanese cards have an authentic look to them.

    I have managed to acquire all cards in the Japanese Neo 4 Destiny set except for the following Unown cards:

    Unown C
    Unown Q
    Unown G
    Unown W

    I would be happy to pay £5/$6.60 (or your local currency equivalent) for each card. I also have some random bulk, reverse holos and holos from some of the more recent sets if you wanted to consider a trade.

    As a first time poster, I have no reputation here so I would be happy to pay first (PayPal preferable). Please reply here or message me directly if you're able to help me out at all!
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