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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by archangeljuicy, Aug 26, 2018.

  1. archangeljuicy Aspiring Trainer


    hello all, i am a retuening player who has beem out of the meta for a couple yrs now and just saw the Tyranitar-GX posted a few days ago and was wondering who would be a good partner for him. was thinking so far of using heracross since ttar is a stage 2 and would get the boost on his attack for 90 more damage. do you think there is a better partner for for tyranitar-GX or should I wait for SM8 to be more revealed first? Any help is appreciated.

  2. K_la Aspiring Trainer


    I loved the ex version of this card, and think this gx will be fun to play as well :) Personally, I will pair it with tapu koko (baby) and tapu lele (baby) with counter energy, an use magical swap to redistribute bench damage for KO's.
  3. archangeljuicy Aspiring Trainer


    Koko and lele seems good but idk about the different energies being used and there being a reliable energy source to use them effectively. As for counter energy,it seems to situational for depending on your prize cards. If it can't work it would just be a dead card in hand
  4. K_la Aspiring Trainer


    I've been using counter catcher energies with my oricio/koko/lele spread, and they work wonderfully. Almost always I'm losing in prize cards, then lele comes in and takes the remaining four prize cards in one go. You could also use Honchkrow instead, but it's extra cards for the evolution..
  5. Sylveonix I have a Fairy Type addiction.


    Honestly if it weren't for certain other cards, this Tyranitar GX wouldn't go very far. Since it's Stage 2, it takes twice as long to get to its full power, but that can easily be fixed with Alolan Ninetales GXs ability or Meganiums ability so you can set up quickly. Otherwise, it's attacks work fairly well, and it would pair nicely with Zoroak GX in my opinion.
  6. Wechselbalg ultra biatch


    Biggest problem with the card is the [D][D][C] attack cost - it wouldn't really work even with Dark Patch since the pre-evolutions are fighting type. Also, if you happen to play against Lost March, Tyranitar-GX feeds their damage output with every single KO. If you want to play it because of the damage spread, there are better options.
  7. Kent Freeze Aspiring Trainer
    Kent Freeze

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    Very tough card to set up - probably best partners would be zoroark + ninetales, but without any easy way to accelerate dark energy in standard, it is just going to be too slow unfortunately. Great attacker once set up against any malamar deck though...
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  8. Wolfe_XD Aspiring Trainer


    I’m thinking of putting it in Zoroark/Solgaleo as a wild tech.
  9. Dante 21 Aspiring Trainer
    Dante 21


    The main problem is still obviously darkness energy. So how about Azumarill from Lost Thunder, Shining Mew, or Electrode-GX from Celestial Storm. All Larvitar, Marill, Mew, and Voltorb have 60Hp or less, so it work with Professor Elm's Lecture.

    And if you wait a little bit longer, maybe Latias & Latios GX Tag Team could help as you can use an Unit energy on it to search for at least 2 darkness energies and 1 "psychic" energy even in the discard pile, and attach them to Larvitar in turn 1 going 2nd.

    To use Tyranitar GX is very tricky, as even if we have the perfect setup in turn 2, how on earth do we keep it around, as we cannot Max Potion or Acerola it, without going through all the troubles to set it up again. If only we have some good non-stage 2 pokemon that can attach dark energy to it, at least.
  10. Wolfe_XD Aspiring Trainer


    Solgaleo solves that, it attaches 2 from discard, and then with your one for tun it can potentially be set up turn 2 or 3 but I’d be running a 1-0-1 line using the GX to clean up some of the other stage 2’s out there.

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