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The Pokemon Company International has announced a 28-minute Pokemon Presents for this upcoming Wednesday, August 18th, at 8am U.S. Central Time (6am U.S. Pacific Time). The description for the Japanese video states that the Presents will focus on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends: Arceus.
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl are slated for release on November 19th, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus will follow a few months later, releasing on January 28th.

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Good thing Pokemon are still remembering BDSP and Legends. Also in the TCG part we'll still get the Vs, remember only few mons that have GMax needs to have a spotlight


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The DP remakes are an easy skip for me. Why waste $60 on one of these when I have Platinum? I don't care what bells and whistles (or lack thereof, if we're being "faithful" in these remakes) you're adding to it, I severely doubt anything will sell these games to me over Platinum.

Now that all being said, I'm interested to see if they've improved things on the Arceus front. That's the interesting title here, but the early performance footage left a lot to be desired. But for a game that's conceptually interesting, I'd like to actually see this one succeed. It's modern-day Game Freak though, so... Who knows.

As an aside, why do Dialga and Palkia have disgusting skin textures in the box art of these remakes?? Who thought this was a good idea???
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If BDSP has Pokemon HOME compatibility like we can transfer Gen 8 mons, etc., that would significantly change competitive battle. Imagine Infernape being a straight counter to Zacian-C, or we can start a playthrough with my Level 20 Dialgas coming from Pokemon GO raids, etc.