Tuesday again, 7/25, Errata and Wal-Mart


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Yes they did. Articuno ex is actually good now.


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There's only one selected Wal-Mart in California... and I have no idea where that it...

Oh well... I wanted to go...

But the card edits seem helpful :)

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Hey WPM, I know this is kinda off topic, but I was wondering.. is there any chance you could upload the song that plays at the end of the 8th movie dub?


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Funny isnt it. They errata 2 of those Ex's when they're going to be cycled out of modified in less than 2 months. I suppose Blastoise ex MAY have some benefit due to LBS, that may be rare though since Blastoise isnt used for attacking normally. Articuno ex was semi-pointless to errata, unless someone comes up with a really neat and good deck for it in time for Worlds.

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gr, I knew, but when I heard that blastoise was errated, I was hoping it became worse, so LBS would be almost useless.

anyways, WHAT, if that deck becomes wal-mart only, it's bad enough that europe doesn't get the cards with the movies, or most of the promos, but a whole starter deck...

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^ Uh, maybe because they're the nation's biggest distributor?

Ohhh yeahhh... there's 5 Wal-Marts in Massachusetts hosting the event! Booyah! \^o^/ But it's kind of weird that it's only open for 2 hours... Hmm... Is it free to get in? I hope so.

And as for the erratas, ATM Ice and Holon Energy WP DEFINITELY needed those. They made just about no sense previously. It's kind of weird, though, that they only errata'd Blastoise and Articuno ex, and not other cards with the same type attack, like HL Shuppet. (Eh, there may be others...)

EDIT: Oh dear. They spelled "Wisconsin" wrong on the POP website.... they spelled it "Wisconsen". Ouch.


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Oh man. Canada is not getting these decks.

Good things they changed these cards so it won't cause confusion at worlds.


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articuno is not in hidden legends its in fire red leaf green silly pop.
Those two card promo packs will just be pop packs right?

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Wonderful, not a single Wal-Mart in Georgia is doing it.

*hopes one pops up somehow* I want more POP series cards, darn it.

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Wow, in Toronto Ontario there's like three Wal-Marts alone! LOL

Is this prerelease thing in Canada as well?

Also, you should be getting in some new Attack info from PokeJungle, because a certain green time traveling person has this stuff already!


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no walfart in illinois but there on every fricking block

of course i've been to all the walfarts in wisconsin and there 300 miles from me.

oh well

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great. of course OK wouldn't have one :(:(:(

anyway yeah i knew about the blasty and articuno ex deal from the gym. but good thing we got it covered here, cause i'm certain that people didn't know. and great, blastoise EX is even more broken now.

Arcanine out.

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OK there are like 30 Wal-mart in AZ and like 5 near me (plus 1 that's coming soon) and there isn't a single one in AZ just another reason to hate Wal-mart (yes I know it is POP but, I want to blame Wal-mart)


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Wow I never discovered those errors. I am glad you did WPM. That is awesome. I can't wait for CG to come out.:) Oh I checked to see if meowth and he does not pick up items while just walking around. Sorry guys I was wrong.:)


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POP really dropped the ball here. Articuno was basically the trash bird EX from FRLG because you couldn't choose. It wouldn't have just been good, it would have bordered on broken because you could have played it and killed a DRE easily, quickly and best of all as a total surprise due to Legendary Ascent. Blastoise was already extremely good but it could have been better. Leave it to POP to errata it just before it's rotated out.

*rolls eyes*