Tuesday, 7/3, Shining Darkness Scans + Spoilers

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Honestly I expected much more from this set...

Slow combos wont get too far (OR WILL THEY?).
Darkrai is decent, but has a terrible weakness.
I did like one or 2 trainers though.


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The cards look pretty cool and it looks like some are base set but I can't make out any of the attacks yet.:)


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That helps Darkrai Lv.X to attack. Eternal Darkness and then Sleep Hall. But I can't see the Charizard line scans.


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This set looks pretty insane to me. It seems to me though that most people that say that this set sucks, are not comparing the set to other sets, but are just comparing it to the best of the modified sets cards that are out.

Trainers: I like Oak's Visit, at first glance it doesn't seem good and seems more like a Bill's Maintenance, but it has quite a few advantages over cards like T.V. Reporter and Bill's Maintenance. Team Galactic's Mars, seems pretty good to me too. Drawing 2 cards is a little weak for a supporter when we have cards like Steven's Advice, but I like the fact that you get to disrupt your opponent's hand without having to attack, considering hand advantage in most card games decides the winner.

Pokemon: I think nearly everyone here can agree that both Darkrai Lv. 40, and Lv. X are both pretty much out of control. Many of the other cards stated in other posts before this are cards that I agree have great potential. So I'm going to say Pokemon that have not been mentioned yet, that I feel have potential. First off, I think that the Entei is not bad. The only beef I've got against him is that he has to play offensive in order to deck your opponent and by the time you start to get a good amount of the cards going down the drain you probably win, and most decking decks run little to no energy like the popular Rhyperior. So I'd look at this Entei as more of an offensive card that has the added bonus of possibly disrupting your opponent by taking out the top 3 cards of their deck and maybe hitting some energy or Pokemon they might have trouble getting back. I like the Electrode not having to go out of it's way to knock itself out on your turn and it can use it's power anytime an attack reduces it's HP to 0. I like the Unown N even though it's requirements are somewhat hard to meet, since both players get to draw a prize card and if your opponent doesn't agree to it you get to draw a card, but then again the more I think about that the less I like it. Because if you're running an Unown deck, it would be very hard to come out ahead in prizes. The Unown X scared me at first, because I quickly glanced at it and mistakened it for a "Lv. X". Lugia seems like he would be pretty sweet with his second attack if you were playing him in unlimited with Super Energy Removal and Energy Removal. But in all seriousness he doesn't seem like he's too good in Modified.


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That Darkrai is so broken....

But what is so great about Mothim? Its just 70 damage (well, for damage counters) and you'd have to used Silver Wind first to raise its power. He'll be KO before he can do too much damage.

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Hey, T2 you don't even have to have an energy to do it. Something like Memory Berry would result in a good attack if you can't use the second attack yet.


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Mothim is just too good. That has to be toned down when it's released in english.
In other news, Rain Dance is (almost) back in the form of Water Drip! I'm expecting good combos with that.
Why did they have to make Jumpluff's attack 2 Grass? What made it brilliant was the 1 energy attacks, but now, I cannot discribe how disgusted I am.
I quite like the new Ludicolo. A small combo to do more damage is any stadium, followed by a Memory Berry/Harass attack, then 80 next turn. Not the best every combo, but it's alright.
Quick question, will it be possible to use 4 East Sea Shellos/Gastrodon and 4 West Sea versions? If you can, then that combo is brilliant, otherwise, not that great.
The Nidoking is quite good. Add Nidoqueen (DP2) and (DF) for a powerful combo.
If Grass decks become popular, Muk is the latest tech against them. Posion them, then stop them from retreating. Could work if you're lucky.
Unown N is strange. Nod could be useful if you have one prize cards left, but then your opponent won't agree to the effect, making it uselss. Unown Z is a tech for every deck to stop decking out. Then you knock out your opponents Entei(DP3) or they play Rhypherior to stop it's effect. Great stuff.
No Gardevoir is a bit of a surprise considering the Ralts line plus Gallade is in the set. Another surprise is the fact that Golem is in the set. Strage.
Trouble against Tool decks? Worry no more with Tool-worthy-Pokémon-away (otherwise known as Donphan). Only to be used in extremly metagaming.
Flygon is nice. Now if only Weezing (DX) stayed legal...
Darkrai LV.X is obviously insanely powerful. For best results, use it with Weavile (DP1). It's just too good.
Those are my highlights of the set (apart from the Jumpluff). Others have probably hidden themselves from me, or I just don't think will actually be any good.

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All the things you can do in this set. Its just too bad that Energy Root and LPS are getting rotated. Wormadam (Grass) HP could go to 150 if so.

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So many powerful cards Donphan, Ampharos, Charizard, etc. Though most of them have down sides most of them have great potential. Darkrai Lv.X is better then I originally thought his attack is completely broken. Tough trouble waking up and and a chance to knock them out.

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There's definitely a severe lack of trainers/stadiums/tools in the dp sets. And we still don't have a decent ho-oh card. Mew also is pretty disappointing. Both seem to work pretty similarly to all of their ex predecessors.

The legendary dogs and lugia are pretty decent. Still not very playable, but definitely better than a lot of the ones that came out in the Ex series *cough*Lugia UF*cough*

A lot of the cards are really broken, but it's still a really good set from what it appears.