Tuesday, 5/2, VA Commentary


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Malocide said:
masterryanx said:
Lol. You asked at the perfect time. www.pocketmonsters.net Just came out with a Torrent for that episode. It's the dub but it has all of the parts that were cut out put back in with subtitles. It's awesome I got it Sunday...
OMG it wont work.... blah...

thank you so much but now I need to figure out how to work it... someday I hope PUSA will be able to air episodes like this with out cutting them...

It takes a while to get it down... WPM could probably help you he seems to be a bit Torrent expert as he had the whole how to work it thing on the front page a while back for the 8th movie :p. Oh, and you'll need VLC media player to play it... http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ Personally I think it's much better that Windows Media or Real...


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I saw the beginning of it and and so far the new characters suck and they need a major makeover because it sounds like KIDS doing it and PUSA can do better and I hope they get better actors soon and I hope cartoon network picks it up.:)


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RE:   Tuesday, 5/2, VA Commentary

Water Pokémon Master said:
Prime said:
WPM, it doesn't matter if your right and the VA's are trying to get their job back. It's the underlying princible. You post news. For the best of the community, you should be impartial in the posting of that news. Feel free to express your opinion about it on your own forums where discussion about the topic should be, but to blatently shove your opinion of what's going onto the visitors of your site is just wrong. If the poster of news cannot be impartial, who's to say that the information hasn't been editted to better conform to the poster's needs? All kinds of questions pop up when someone reporting news adds their own opinion to it. And that's why it's not good to do it.

And I am still astonished at how people feel about the VA's. Nobody knows these people, and they take a simple email, tear it apart, and label the VA's as people that don't care the anime one bit, and only care about their own job.

It shocks me too. Veronica Taylor had a few conversations with WPM, and I'm sure WPM thought she was a nice person. To go from nice person to total jack### is a large change, and all based on an email they sent WPM? Thats rediculous. It's not always so easy to label people after one or two emails from that person. I would think people would understand that before now. Guess not.
It's not just based off an e-mail. It's based on discussions with two VAs and a PUSA source. I know what I am doing - I didn't just bash them out of the blue. VT is nice, but she is fighting this battle wrong by trying to get us to cancel Pokemon off of CN. Same with the other VAs. You can't tell me that sending e-mails to CN doesn't have the possibility of ruining our chances to air the show. It takes a little bit of thinking and some common sense to come up with that.

Also, other webmasters and forums have posted the e-mails, but have said the exact opposite of what I have. "SAVE THE VAS SEND EMAILS TO CN OMG OMG OMG." I'm the opposing view since I am the minority, and I have contacts with both 4Kids and PUSA, so I feel I am the most educated and have the right to give my "opinion." I am not just like other webmasters and do what the VAs tell me to do, I research things and ask questions before I open my mouth, and give the advice that will best help US and Pokemon in the long-run. It may not even be an opinion - you can consider it as good advice.

There are no principles when it comes to news. People can do what they want and how they want it. They can choose to honor a source's privacy or exploit it, they can choose to twist stories, they can choose to critisize people, etc. There is no rule that applies to everything, whether it be a high school newspaper talking about a dance or a Pokemon website warning people not to jump the gun. In this case, I believe I am completely justified in warning the fandom about these e-mails that are circulating on the internet urging people to send e-mails to CN, since they don't know what the implications are of doing so and are just jumping on the bandwagon.

You are lucky to have those qualities WPM. Though the other webmasters may not be as sensible, VT's attitude towards the scenario before and after the special were completely contradicting.
I recall a few weeks back that VT and the other VA's were not happy with the service provided by 4Kids and they were beliving that the move to CN was a smart choice. Once the special airs (they use *sarcasm* IMMACULATE timing) they shunn just about every redeeming quality that the anime possess. Now some moderators and webmasters may beb taking in by this and encourage posts to CN whilst others (like you) do the sensible thing an research thr subject to see if they are acutally telling a few porkies. I do think we are seriously luvky to have someone of your calibur here but how different would you feel if the reigns of this website were in the hands of one of the 'less sensible' admins?

Oh and before I finish, I don't recall VT's career completely rocksliding, I remembered that she played (I think) April in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So she is less of one voice over, so what?

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Hey, the new Delcatty EX and Kyogre for Crystal Guardians and the Forums look awesome! Crystal Guardians... awesome name!!!

By the by, what set is that Kyogre picture from?


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I think its the new kyogre Ex from Crystal Guardians.
Waaay cooler name then Miracle Crystal!
When will be some nem news? (nothing since 1st may!)

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Hm, that artwork doesn't seem like the kind that would be on an EX. Although, Armaldo EX wasn't either. As WPM said, he has a LOT of work. It is nearing the end of the school year, and that's when teachers start getting real tough. Poor guy...

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The Kyogre is from the Anime. It's a screencap.

I'll put up news tomorrow after the SAT Subject Tests.

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THANK YOU!!!!! Man, it's the highlight of my day every time I go to this website... I've been so bummed with no news!!! Thanks!


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Cartoon Network set off the anime boom when they aired Sailor Moon and DBZ on Toonami. They manage to revive older series that were previously doing poorly and make them very successful. Moving to Cartoon Network will drastically raise the number of fans since they'll make it available on a regular basis. Also, maybe the move to a cable network will allow viewers to see less edited material and more of the content from actual episodes.


whoever sends an email to PUSA, is ruining the chance of there even being a show.

the reason the va's lost thier jobs is because, of contract disagreements remember, they are either asking for more money, or not approving the thier new salary that may have been lowerd(which, considering thier job, still has to be pretty high).

They just want more money, they don't care about the show

WB/CW, isn't going to air the show, our only chance is with CN, if we people keep saying they won't watch the show without oringinal VA's they won't buy it and then there won't be a Pokémon

i'd rather have a show with changeable VA's, then no show at all.