Tuesday, 11/14, Jungle Scans Up, New PCG: DP Translations


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Oh my, all those Jungle scans are 1st edition. And the non-holo Electrode (#18) is the error printed one. It's the Jungle Electrode with the Base set Electrode image. They fixed the error too, but there were basically 2 #18 Electrodes, one error and one normal. I'm not sure if the error one is more valuble, it probably is...


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here it is


Wow, heracross is a pretty beefy card. 30 for 2 energies on a basic is pretty good, but the possibilty of it being 60 is mental. Coupled with the fact it has 80 hp...

I like the new DP cards, but it feels as if alot of the old cards will just be over powered here.


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Wow, this new cards sound promising. Not only that, with the new weakness mechanics, these pokemon can last longer. Wow, I can't wait for the set to come out!


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Good G-d!!!! You mean T-tar ex won't take 400 damage from Armaldo ex:p

That's pretty crazy; it'slike weakness won't exist on ex/Lv. X Pokeso_O

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That's pretty crazy; it'slike weakness won't exist on ex/Lv. X Pokeso_O
no, it's like flipping a few heads with a paralyzing attack will kill a lvX, they'll probably have huge + weaknesses, this means that attacking with 10 can become 60 o_O (not for our only current know lvX, but so what :p)

something like WPM to put up a misprint instead of the real one :p, anyhow, nice, but I still think we need the pop packs and promos more then we need those, not that i don't like it of-course, cause I do :)

wow, the D/P legends look awesome, returning a poke to the hand or devolving is great, I'm pretty sure an awesome strategy with that will appear (found on already :p), 90HP for a BASIC, niiiice, and only +20 weakness :)


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Heh. We'll need to get the regular scan then. :p

There is no 1st edition corrected version. All the non holos 1st editions are errors.