Steelix Bait
YO people,
Pokemon is obviously one of my hobbies when it comes to free time. Another big hobby of mine is trucks.

I'm wondering how many Pokebeachers own/are interested in trucks. Feel free to share what you like, own, or drive.

I'm a Ford guy. I own a '99 Ford F-150 XL 4x2. I hope to be lifting it soon and throwing on some 32" tires. Unfortunately, good tires are extremely expensive. I'm hoping to earn the money this summer and buy 'em then.


Team Hatter Jedi
Sorry say it, but they should ban trucks for anyone who does not need it for a job. The MPG is so bad, that you simply can't justify having one just to have one. If they had a truck that was FAR more eco friendly, than sure. But as they are now, they are just about as bad as SUV's.