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Following the release of November 2020’s Vivid Voltage, TPCi announced it would stop distributing staff promos at prereleases. This went into effect with March 2021’s Battle Styles.
No official reason was ever given, but we speculated it was because staff promos had been hoarded, scalped, and sold for high prices on the secondary market. After all, they were intended to be used as rewards for event staff. The pandemic’s impact probably played a part as well; there wouldn’t be any events for staff to receive said promos.
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Got two lots of promos for my two leagues (no silver Tempest for one of them), but still waiting on my February shipment of prize packs 🙄


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I think ultimately the most likely reason for the lack of promos was the pandemic. This would fit the suspicions that Pokemon was deadly scared of ruining their brand, so they didn't want to look like they're promoting in-person events by sending these promos, or opening sanctioning too early.

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Scalp city trick, scalp scalp city trick! 100s and the 50s trick, scalp city. Maybe they should check some of the league providers before sending this stuff out because you'll see it on eBay and whatnot with stacks of them.